Italeri Wellington MkX

Noticed the Italeri Wellington on the Hannants future releases list, anyone know if it's a new tool or a reissue? Has Trumpeter finally put a date on their 1/48 version, or has it quietly been dropped? Cheers, Bill.

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Bill Davies
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Possibly the old Matchbox mold!

been dropped?

Still on as of last announcement. I'm looking forward to it also. I've got a photo of the "Wimpy" that starred in "Target for Tonight" that would be a nice project. Don't often get a chance to model a movie star.

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey

I believe the Italeri kit is from the MPM mould. Trumpeter's UK distributors are still listing the Wellington.



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John Walker

The Italeri Wimpey is definitely being produced in co-operation with MPM. It says as much in the various listings in the modelling Press.

I'll be meeting with the MPM guys in Prague next month, I'll see if I can get any news from them.


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Chris Hughes

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