MG-Panzernest w/Swastika decal Question

got the RPM kit, #35018. it has a huge swastika on a red field decal. I assume that was used for aerial identification? I've seen it on early war German tanks, but not this big.

was this common? the decal is so big that it detracts from the small kit and its actually about 1 inch too wide to fit on it.

did the germans lay flags on the ground for ID? maybe that is what its for...



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FWIW "Blue on Blue" incidents are neither new nor confined to allied forces. When the Germans were moving fast on the ground in the early campaigns their biggest worry was their own Luftwaffe rather than their enemy's air forces. Ask the German Kreigsmarine who sank the first two German destroyers lost in W.W.II? Those big German flags draped over the turrets were a survival tool, and I imagine most vehicle commanders who could get one got the biggest they could, even if it overhung the sides a little.

Bill Shuey Now later in the war when the allied "Jabos" were more prevalent...

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William H. Shuey

Uzytkownik "Craig" napisal w wiadomosci news:

Throw it away. It's in almost every kit of RPM, nobody knows why.

-- Greetings Piotr

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Piotr Dmitruk

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