New to Scale Modeling

I've recently joined this group. I'm quite interested in learning more about
plastic scale modeling but I don't know where to start.
Can anyone give links on getting started as well as tips on starting?
I've tried searching in google but all it gives out are stores and not
really comprehensive sites on getting started. In fact, I found only one
tutorial, which, ironically, suggested this newsgroup. hehehe...
Thanks for your feedback.
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Welcome to the hobby and RMS.
First and foremost, are you married? That may decide a lot of things in your modelling future. ;-) What's your poison (cars,armor, aircraft, scifi, ships, figures, etc)?
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You could do worse than to start with our group's FAQ:
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Al Superczynski
Well, I have no preference for now. But since I am starting out I might want to pick out something to practice on, like maybe a plane model or car. It doesn't matter. But once I get to sharpen my skill on it I prefer do pretty much about any model. I've seen so many kinds and I really can't say I would like to choose one theme. I guess I'll have to choose one based on how challenging and interesting the model may be. Like, maybe an aircraft carrier at one time and a robot on another time. ;) But as for now, as you've suggested, I should stick first with ones that are easy to work with.
I may go with Tamiya since it is the dominant brand in my area. In fact, I haven't even noticed any other plastic model brands here, except for the RCs. Anime models are also abundant in another store here. They even have the ones that were displayed on Linkin Park's music video of "Somewhere I Belong" heheheh...
Thanks for the book suggestion.Good books are also what I'm looking for can you suggest any more? I tried reading on some sites but so far the latest popular one being recommended was published in 1991-1992. I believe the title was "Building Plastic Models" by Robert H. Schleicher in 1991. I also found some pdfs downloadable at
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If you have other more recent publications to suggest the better.
Also, I would also like to know the terminologies in this hobby. I would also like to what other terms that refer to scale models. I believe the reason why most of my web searches were fruitless is because the rest of the sites probably use a more specific term than just "plastic models".
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hehehe... Thanks for the tip. Maybe I should be a hermit then. ;) No, I'm not married yet. I'm still single and still looking for a job and a hobby. Models have always been my childhood fantasy but my parents could not afford it. My first plastic model that I assembled, which I thought was a toy, was a Tamiya Russian Hind-A Gunship. I just glued the sucker together with no paints and no decals. (of course, the paints and the airbrush were preposterously expensive here) heheheh... 15 years have passed since then. ;) Having thought about that question I guess I should start this hobby now BEFORE I get married so I have all the stuff set up. ;)
Any! If I ever get good at this I would go after the challenging ones!
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Two suggestions: Get a subscription to a modeling magazine; here in the US I reccomend Fine Scale Modeler.
Join the International Plastic Modelers Society. hth
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I already did this. I even looked up the local IPMS here in my country.
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Hyperscale webmaster Brett Green filmed an archive of tutorial/technique demo videos that I've found informative and accessible for all skill levels.
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There's an obvious emphasis on Testors products (site sponsors) but you can apply the methods universally regardless of brand name. You'll need Windows Media Player to play the files.
And I would definitely seek out a model club in your area. You can learn a lot from r.m.s.; but you can learn more from face-to-face discussions with other modelers and seeing finished models up close and personal. Modeling shouldn't be a solitary endeavor.
Good luck and welcome! Sat
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Saturn S. Padua
Yup, the death kneel of one building any more plastic models !
Many a fine modeler has gone down the road of 1 : 1 modeling of new humans, and the result is almost always the same, no more plastic modeling time....
Good news is that often times the result is a divorce, and the kid's finally growing up. Bad side is that usually you have to give said Ex a lot of $$$ in the process, so one generally starts in 1/72 scale and works their way back into modeling. I know, a bitter pill for a diehard 1/48th scale modeler, but there are worse things in life...
Even better is when the kid's are finally off on their own, the EX has found someone else to talk to, (god help them :) and you now have your quality modeling time back. You make sure that the new girlfriend understands your quality time alone building models, and appericates that you are not out late looking for trouble. (ya know, the kind that got you kid's in the first place ?)
It's a viscious cycle, I know, and one I've seen repeated many times. One can get through it but it takes patience, foresight, and presence of mind to take advantage of every little spare minute of modeling time available one has.
But after all of the above, one finally reaches the pinnicle of expirence, and knowladge to build really nice kit's. (If you can get through all of the above, building models is easy !:)
Now for those of you who have never been married, you are lucky !! But..... you lose the expirence. Like they say, you have to pay your dues, to sing the blues....
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Hello Chad. I won't repeat the info provided by others but I will extend my sincere welcome to the newsgroup.
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Bill Woodier
In addition to internet, try your local library. Mine has a couple of books by Kalmbach, good introductory books on scale plastic modeling. If your library doesn't have any of these, visit local hobby shop. Most carry these books.
Chad wrote:
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Don Stauffer
and you won't fins a more helpfull or nicer bunch anywhere.
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