Once Again: 31 Days to Go--What have you Finished?

OK... This is the first year for about 13 or so I have actually even started a model! Lets see...
(All these 1:72nd) Azur CAMS37A ICM TB3 Zveno (yes, that one!) Azur Breuguet 27 Testors Boeing KC135 as RAAF 707 Tanker (Not for me)
1:35 Armour (I know I know...) :-)
Tamiya US M3 SPG Tamiya Herman 8 ton Half Track Tamiya Brummbar Academy M18 Hellcat Zveno (?) Js152
I started: (All 1:72nd aircraft ir 1:35 armour)
Sword Grumman Goose Heller Boeing 707-300 (As a proper RAAF Tanker! ) MPM and Eastern Express Hansa-Brandenburg 29s (WW1 Floaties)
Italeri SWS with Flak 43 (German Half Track) Alan Bison II
And that's it for 2003 so far... Everything is packed for a move that won't be happening after all!
Only 465 planes to go! :-)
Warren Inman
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Warren Inman
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I finshed a 1/72 Tamiya F4U-1D corsair and a 1/72 Academy P.47D thunderbolt, both with etched brass details.
Am now half way through a P.51D mustang with etched brass and resin superdetailing. Nearly got the engine installed - don't think I will finish before christmas though. And this is the last time I work with resin!
Cheers, Mark.
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Mark Warrington
1/72nd Fairey Swordfish.
A friend of a friend of my father's was a aircraft handler onboard the carrier that sent the Stringbags off to sink the Italian fleet in Taranto Harbour (1941) and wanted a model of a Stringbag. Because his hands are riddled with arthritis, the guy asked around for help and my father's friend suggested me. The model was assembled straight from the box, minus the rear-gunner (replaced by an extra fuel tank for the raid) and equipped with a torpedo, and painted to the wishes of the new owner.
It now sits proudly alongside the guy's war medals, photos, and newspaper articles in a large glass cabinet. The last time I visited him, I noticed (during a lull in the conversation whilst we were waiting for the kettle to boil for tea) that he looked at his collection and seemed to be a world of his own - obviously remembering events during that period.
Gave me a warm glow inside to help one of the old Veterans out.
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Finished this year- Aircraft- 1/72 Harriers(6) Tornados(4) F-16C(3) F-104G F-8 F-18(2) Merlin(3) A-7A S-3Viking SeaKing(2) MilMi17 MilMi24 F-80 B-17F Spitfire Hurricane P51B A-37 Lynx(2)
1/48 F-4G Hunter Saab Viggen HawkTmk1 Hawk 100
1/144 Boeing767 Boeing C-32A Boeing 737-800 Stratocruiser Concorde Airbus Beluga
Armour 1/72 Leopard 2A5 M1 Abrams Bradley Scamell Tank Transporter Centurion Chieftain Warrior
Ships 1/700 Ark Royal HMS Manchester USS John C Stennis
1/600 Ark Royal
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Complete (mostly throwtogether 1/72 stuff):
Revell 1/72 Do-18 Academy 1/72 Airacobra Italeri 1/72 S Phantom Airfix 1/72 Bulldog MPM 1/72 Sea Hawk Italeri 1/35 SAS Jeep Italeri 1/72 Hellcat Academy 1/72 E Warhawk Airfix 1/72 Vampire Amodel 1/72 KOR-1
Under construction (slightly larger projects):
Emhar 1/72 Demon (started but lost interest) Tamiya 1/35 M16 (needs final assembly, detailing and weathering) Roden 1/48 Sopwith 1.B (got over the bad fit, now frustrated with bad paint job)
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Toni Lassila
Hmmm... lessee...
Started and finished: 1/48th Monogram Crusader 1/25th ERTL International Paystar 5000 Tractor 1/25th AMT 1950 Chevy Pickup A couple Lord of the Rings wargaming figures
Started and pending 2003 completion: 1/35th ICM PzKfw II 'Luchs' (probable) 1/48th Monogram B-58 (iffy)
Frank Kranick
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Francis X. Kranick, Jr.
This year...
1:72 MAC Distribution V-1 (for myself) 1:1200 U.S.S. Enterprise (for the Jimmy Doolittle Museum) 1:72 Luna 1 (for a customer)
And, I swear, by the end of the week a 1:72 Tamiya Mosquito Mk. XVIII conversion! I will not be stopped!
--Chris Bucholtz
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Chris Bucholtz
While I finished up a couple commission 1/72 planes early in the year, they really don't count. So the only thing I actually finished so far is a master for a resin 1/32 BMW 003 jet engine for the Craftworks He162. I hope to have a corrected left cowel+blower for the Trumpeter 1/24 Bf109G-10 master done before the end of the week. Would have had it done now but went to see the '109 at Evergreen and need to do more on the conversion.
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steve gallacci
in article snipped-for-privacy@news04.west.earthlink.net, Mark Schynert at snipped-for-privacy@earthlink.net wrote on 11/30/03 2:25 PM:
I'm embarrassed to say that my output, although better that last year's, is still a tad low. I did manage to complete:
Otaki P-47D Razorback (club project) Hasegawa Ar-234B AMtech P-40F-1 Short tail Tamiya MiG 15
And I have ready to paint, a Hasegawa KI-44 "Tojo" but that will have to wait while I finish, by Christmas, a Phoenix FJ4B Fury.
All are 1/48 kits. Naturally.
I don't want to talk about the number of kits I bought!
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Milton Bell
in article snipped-for-privacy@4ax.com, Al Superczynski at snipped-for-privacy@deadspam.com wrote on 12/1/03 3:41 AM:
Being retired and having more time to build models is a joke! I built a lot more before retiring. Now I'm too busy!
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Milton Bell
Not a DAMN thing...I think...maybe I completed that 1/32 Hunter this year...I can't remember...
...but I've still got 31 days...
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Here's my embarassignly low output:
Completed so far:
Tamiya 1/48 Swordfish Revell Flying Cloud Clipper Ship Academy 1/72 PBY-5 AMT 1/24 Sunbeam Tiger Revell 1/48 F9F-5 Revell 1/72 Panther tank(started last year)
In progress, likely to finish before end of year:
Roden 1/72 SE5a Revell Wright Flyer
In progress, unlikely to finish this year:
Tamiya 1/35 Tiger 1 Lindberg 1/32 LCVP Imai 1/200 USCGC Eagle
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RC Boater
Been working on a Pro Modeller Do 217 E 5
If it isnt done by then, it will be in the painting stage by the end of the year. Still finishing the cockpit (just had to add seatbelts...), but am very suprised at how well the three piece fuseladge seems to fit together. !! :) Of course the PGM is already done !
Still mired deep in an Academy 1/35 Tiger, I just had to go modify the shell holder racks to correct the error. What a PITA !! Tempted to just put covers on, and forget about them Otherwise the kist goes together well !
Had too many people close to me pass away this year, and it's been hard to keep motivated.......................
I'm sure as hell going to try and get the 217 done by years end !!
But... I bet I will win an award for starting, but not finishing more kit's this year than anyone else. Up to around 20 + now.
Just cant seem to keep my attention span on any one kit it seems... The Dornier seems to have me locked in for some reason. (gonna BMF all that damn glazing !)
"Only a Gentleman can insult me, and a true Gentleman never will..."
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2 me 410's 2 ar 234 1 gladiator 1 mir 1 he 219 1 ju 88 1 109 1 190 2 do 335's 1 he 162 all were 1/72 and basically practice kits to get back in the swing. number of kits i was satisfied with? 0
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In article , Mark Schynert writes
The Revell Minikit snap together pre-painted "Hindenburg" - and I nearly managed to screw that one up. Thinking of doing up several in a variety of colour schemes to use with the "Aeronef" rules system, but then I'll have to start scratchbuilding Victorian anti-gravity aerial gunboats to go with them...
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Apollo Lunar Module Airfix 1:72 Spad VII Biplane Airfix 1:72 Fokker DR 1 Triplane Airfix 1:72 Sopwith 2F2 Camel Biplane Airfix 1:72 X-15 Heller 1:130 Saturn V Airfix 1:144 with Realspace CSM. Gemini Capsule Monogram 1:48 Mercury Capsule Monogram 1:48
Those were all side projects. The main project for the year, and nearly complete now, is the Lindberg 1:96 Sea Witch clipper ship.
Started this year and on the stocks: Revell 1:96 Cutty Sark. Revell 1:96 C.S.S. Alabama. Airfix 1:180 H.M.S. Victory.
Started in 1997 and still many years from completion: Scratch-built 1:48 U.S.S. Constellation. The keel and frames are complete.
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Robert A. Walker
Kits Kinished 03 Finished PAH2 Italeri1\72 1-2-03 mpc U-2 C 1-2-03 Revell Yak38 w DML AS7 Kerry and UPK 23 gunpods 1-2-03
Bandai 1/35th EXLlabor 4-6-03 Italeri 1/72 F14 (Hase weapons and pylons) Apache (ootb) 4-16-03 both finished during April school vacation
Italeri Uh-1B 1/72 #040 7-21-2003 US Army Aviation Vo Dat 1965 ootb, vallejo silvee w tamiya clear green red lights for the first time and I'm vert happy with the effect
Tamiya Leo 2A5 w Aber chains on the cmoke grenade launchers. Bronze in intermediate AMPS east
I had hoped for one a month all year, but I did finish up a research project and masters degree and buy (and move us into) a house this year too.
My new goal, 1.5 a month in 04!!
Mike please remove "diespam" to reply
If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, perhaps you've misunderstood the situation.
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I don't think you're supposed to be satisfied. That's why we keep trying to do it better next time...and the next time...and, well you get my drift. :)
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak
Tamiya T-55A Russian with Friulmodel tracks and Model Point barrel. Used Lifecolor paints. First model made after 25 year away. Took about 5 weeks of a little every day. Great kit and I had a great time making it. Next a Dragon Panther G with night vision equipment. Check the price on these. Retail of $18.98 for a 1:35 scale kit. "Can this be correct?" he said as he paid for it.
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