Polar Lights Star Trek Model Pictures

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When I was trying to build this model I looked all over the Internet
for pictures. I searched everywhere and could not find a web site
that had detailed pictures of how to assemble this model. I would
have liked to have some ideas going forward so, what I did was take
pictures step by step of how I built the model and post them on my web
page. I think this would help anybody out who's going to attempt to
build this model . Cehck it out and I hope it helps others build a
better model.
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you will find the link on the right of the main
page titles :
"The building of an Enterprise"
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This should get you started:
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The Collector
Also try the Hobby Talk Science Fiction Modeling forum:
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There are usually some people sharing works-in-progress and build tips...
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David Bono

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