Question re: Minicraft 1/48 Piper Super Cub

Picked up this kit. Instructions include painting - but there is no
color code - only letters (A, I, N, etc.) Some I can guess, but not all.
Does anyone have the instructions with the color code included that they
can e-mail me?
A simple
would be fine.
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Ed Baroth
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I screwed up the painting on my first one, and a replacement is backordered and way overdue. Don't have the plans upstairs here by computer, but for the civilian cub interior and exterior were yellow, instrument panel black, floor wood color. Seat upholstery could be one of several, including blackish grey or dark red. There is a black section of cockpit sides up near firewall, but that is not shown on minicraft plans.
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Don Stauffer
Piper Cubs were usually yellow, but Super Cubs are not typically yellow. Actually, the interior color is generally the same as the primary exterior color. On Super Cubs, that's usually white.
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Ah, I didn't notice the Super. Yes, I was building the J-3. Forgot that they offered the Super Cub also. Yes, a number of paint schemes available for the super, mostly white with some trim color.
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Don Stauffer
Hi Ed,
I had the same problem. I used matt black for the tires, metalic black for the canopy frame and guessed at the rest. I did e-mail Hoppycraft, but they weren't much help. Their response was: "we found in researching the colors an the Cessna that there were so many color combinations that it was impossible to put a color chart on it - The instructions that you have for this plane should have been printed without the color reference -"
I think the best thing to do is find some photographs on the internet then get down to your local airport and take your own photographs where the internet photographs aren't helpful, which is generally inside the cockpit.
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Simon M.
What I've seen over the years is that the carpet & seats are usually the color of the trim paint color combined with white, beige or other off-white plastic trim regarding factory painted a/c. When it comes to aftermarket / personalized paint & interior, anything goes.
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