Re: 1/300 scale model of City Class Union River Ironclad

>Hi all, > >While researching the battle of Fort Donelson for its unusual acoustics, I >was compelled to create a scale model of the City Class boats commanded by >Foote. I thought members of your groups might be interested in downloading >it from my site at
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>Best regards, > >Jon >

mahan mentions those...

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Good job!

I recently built a 1/96 scratch model from plans of the Steamboat Idlewild as she appeared in 1916 [unpainted except for trim accent]. 22" from stem to stern, 5" beam, 9" to top of pilothouse. Complete with gangplank [add another

4.5"] and rigging, ladderwells, boilers and, although inacessable to view, engineroom equipments as determined from Internet pictorials. I had trouble with the paddlewheel and had to reduce the number of pusherboards by half.

For a picture of her as she was, see:

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Howard G

Thanks for the encouragement!

-J> J>

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Jon W Mooney

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