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>>Its a thick acrylic paste manufactured by Tri-Art from recycled >>byproducts from their (acrylic) paint manufacturing process. >>
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> > >Woohoo. I found another use for sludge. I disliked the plastic tails >for horses and bought fine fibers for doll's hair from the craft store >to replace that. I couldn't find a way to glue the fibers >satisfactorily to the horse's rump as the glue stump gets messy and >the result is a stiff shiny stump that no amount of paint could hide. >Plus the nylon fibers won't adhere to plastic glue. The horse and a >mule were models I started years ago but never finished. Now Sludge >acrylic is the ideal solution as I can wick every fiber at one end and >then smear it into the rump. Sludge can then be smoothed by running a >finger over the attachment point and its remarkable how well it blends >into the rump's groove. > >For the mane I have twisted a suitable thickness of fiber into a rope >and held it in place with Sludge. Its equivalent to using Sludge as a >mousse and as a filler. I am waiting for it to dry. I will the >attach this fiber rope to the nape with more Sludge. When dry I will >trim the top of the twist and I hope I can "comb" the trimmed fibers >with a stiff brush to bring up the nap of the mane. Looks promising. >If this doesn't work the alternative is to apply a strip of Sludge on >the nape then attach short lengths of fiber to it.

who sells this wonder product?

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Sounds like 'acrylic matte medium'. Model rails have used it for years for 'water'.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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