Suggestions for Huey interior color???

I am getting ready to start a 1/32nd Huey "H" model and trying to figure how to reproduce the interior color of the cabin wall insulation. Its a grey but with a touch of shimmer in it.Before I pull out my home chemistry set and start doing "Strange " experiments in the basement I'm hoping someone has already faced this and figured it out. Yeah, its a lazy way to do it, but a great way to see what someone else has done to figure this one out. Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Swede

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I've used Neutral Grey FS 36270 with good results. If you want a bit of "shimmer", try grinding up pencil lead and rubbing it into the dry paint...

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Jeff C

Perhaps, after the gray is nice and cured, spray/brush on a clear coat, that has a TINY bit of metallic pigment in it. Test with various golds and/or silvers; and see if this gives good results.

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Greg Heilers

I don't know how exactly accurate it may be, but in '68 after coming home from 'Nam, I built Revell's big Huey, and it seemed to me at the time that Floquil #9 Grey Primer was a dead ringer for that quilted grey blankets that were hung in the Huey's I was familiar with. Just be sure to spray it on!


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Ahhh...I do this with "nylon" seat straps in all of my jet models...

Once you have your basic color mixed/selected, thoughly mix a drop of silver into it. This replicates the sheen of nylon very nicely on my straps, and I can't see why it wouldn't also work for your wall insulation.

One drawback - I've noticed that the effect works very well for viewing by the naked eye, but if you take a high quality photo of it using a flash, the camera will capture the individual flakes of metallic in the paint. A consideration only for us geeks, I'm sure...

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I was going to say to try to get close to the color of vomit on the floor boards but that was always washed out with hoses after they ended the mission. A shade of G.I chow and a big wash of apprehension should come close.:-) Remenberance Mike IPMS

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Mike Keown

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