Superscale decals?

Is Superscale out of business? Their web site seems to have disappeared.
I'm looking for a specific sheet, 72-293, because it has markings for a
57th FIG F-4E, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. If they are out of
business, does anybody else produce F-4E markings for this squadron in
1/72? (It's the gray F-4E scheme I'm interested in, not the SEA camo
used on their F-4Cs.)
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Joe Jefferson
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I saw many new Superscale decals at the nationals; I assume they're still in business but don't feel like paying for a website.
They no longer print the old decals; your best bet to find that sheet is Squadron, Great Models, or model swap meets. hth
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They have a 1/72 sheet, 72-4, that has the markings for 57 FIS F-4Es in the ADC Gray scheme.
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Jim Ashford
Thanks. I'd already checked Squadron when I posted the question, but Great Models wasn't on my radar.
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Joe Jefferson
Thanks. I'll check that out right away.
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Joe Jefferson

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