Mating to derived parts in SW2006 sp0.0

Is anyone else having problems with external references and mates attached
to derived parts in sw2006 sp0.0?
I have a mold assembly that a lot of mates and external references are going
dangling if I make a change to the parent part. For instance, I have a right
wear plate and a left wear plate. The left is a mirror, derived, of the
right. I then did an external reference in the mold assembly for the tap
locations in the b-plate, points concentric with the circle edge of the wear
plates. I change a dimension on the parent part, the right wear plate, and
the tap location points in the b-plate go dangling, but only for the left
wear plate, the child.
It seems the internal ID's of the edges and faces are being lost on derived
parts at some point in the rebuilding. So anything mated or referenced to a
derived part, all the mates go dangling. It's not consistent however. I made
up a simple assembly and got it to reproduce twice but at random. I tried
to use the capture in Solidworks RX but couldn't get it to reproduce while
Is anyone else pulling their hair out like me?
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I'm also seeing this problem with mirrored parts. I submitted the issue to SolidWorks during EV testing and it has been given an SPR#.
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Rock Guy
I reported it to my VAR a couple of days ago, but all they could really do is log it as a problem without being able to reproduce it. Hopefully Solidworks gets on this because I'm not letting our shop upgrade to SW2006 until this is fixed.
Do you have the SPR# it got recorded as?
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SPR# 277153. This is also limiting our upgrade to SW 2006. It's odd though because as you mention it isn't happening with every assembly that uses mirrored or derived parts. I agree an issue like this should have the highest priority for resolution. The good news is SW knows of and has confimed the problem. All we can do now is wait.
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Rock Guy

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