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I use ordinate dimensioning a lot, but one thing that bugs me is that I
am not able to find where to set the option for zero's decimal place
holder. Zero is always displayed as ".0", but I would like it to match
my drawing default setting (such as .00 or .000). I can't find
anything in "Tools/Options/...." that allows me to change this setting.
Can someone help & tell me where the setting is for zero on ordinate
Thank you.
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I think you'll have to set the precision every time you start an ordinate chain.
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Dale Dunn
The setting you need to change is under Tools/Options/Document Properties/Detailing/Trailing Zeroes
If you set this to "Show", trailing zeroes will always be displayed, to the number dictated by the "precision" setting.
The same setting works for ordinate dimensioning as for conventional dimensioning (at least, it did in 2003, haven't checked it with 2004 or later)
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Andrew Troup
This setting does not affect trailing zeroes on my ordinate origin. I have mine set to display trailing zeroes, and an ordinate chain sittl looks like this:
0--------- 1.123----- 2.234----- 3.345-----
I can override the zero dimension to have 3-place precision, but not by default.
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Dale Dunn
Sorry, it never occurred to me that the post was about the ordinate datum origin. I assumed it related to ordinate dimensions which were at a "round" number, like "20.00" in the following example.
If either "Smart" or "Hide" trailing zeroes is set, and the precision is X.XX, you might see something like:
0--------- 10.5----- 20-------- 31.75----
If "Show" is set, and the precision is X.XX the result will be
0---------- 10.50----- 20.00----- 31.75-----
As you point out, in either case, the ordinate origin has to be manually edited to show trailing zeroes, and on re-reading the original post I think your interpretation is probably correct.
I personally think it would be preferable for the datum origin to use trailing zeroes to show the underlying precision for the ordinate group, in cases where "Show" is set. Anyone who didn't like this could trim back the zeroes.
But I find it hard to get excited about small improvements like this when a) the workaround is manageable and b) so many big things are wrong.
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Andrew Troup
I definitely agree that there are bigger fish to fry. Especially since I, personally, don't care for this particular enhancement. Of course, that doesn't mean that the original poster doesn't need it. In my mind, setting a higher precision on an ordinate origin is like a tolerance on a datum tag. Sorta wierd.
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Dale Dunn

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