F scale, anyone?

Is anyone here modeling in F scale, and how do you find it?

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Special Agent Melvin Purvis
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As large as the equipment is, I wouldn't expect *that* to be a problem.

Sorry, I couldn't let that one go by...


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"The corn is as high as an elephant's eye . . ."

-- Ray

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Ray Haddad

The NMRA's attempt to label the various sizes of 'G-Gauge' equipment with a seperate designator didn't go over very well with the high railers. They just kept calling everything 'G-Gauge' or 'G-Scale' regardless of the actual scale.

So just look for a LHS that sells 1:20.3 (F-Scale 15mm = 1ft) 'G-gauge' equipment, and you'll be in business.


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