Getting back into model railroading

Well after much thinking, we've guided our 7-year-old son to N scale. While he had inherited HO from my brother and one of his great grand fathers, and had been given O scale equipment, we thought he would get more bang for his (and our) buck with N, also it helps that one of his grand fathers has a large N scale collection.

A coworker (whose vehicle license plate is "NSCALER") gave us a partially completed 3' X 6' layout. With that, we've gone out and bought the necessary track and track accessories to complete it before starting the landscaping.

My history with model trains (HO) ended 25 years ago. Still enjoyed it, but never got back into it until now.

So as you can tell, I'll be asking many questions here and I hope I don't become too annoying.


Rather B. Beachen

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