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Why would anyone want this? If you were there, you got one. If you were not there what would you be adding to your stature by buying it off eBay? Especially after all these years.

Stumped, I am ..................


J. Kim Siddorn,

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Kim Siddorn
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At present, it would seem that your question is rather rhetorical, as no one yet, has expressed any want...


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Heya Kim, I've received one or two as gifts, and I think they're really cool. We don't do that sort of thing on this side of the pond. The one's that I've received from friends, from shows I've not attended, are much more valuable to me than the ribbons that I've received for attending a show.


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Rob Skinner

Hi Kim, Speaking personally, I've gotten a number of these rally brasses that show one of the engines that I have (e.g. Bamford, Petter, Crossley, etc.). I find that they add class and interest to the cart under the engine. As Rob mentioned, we just don't have that style rally memento on this side of the pond.

See ya, Arnie

Arnie Fero Pittsburgh, PA USA fero

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