Lamport Hall

Good day on Sat. Weather was very kind and ground had stood up well to
previous week's rain with only a few muddy patches on main thoroughfares
(foot that is). Engine line up is perhaps getting a little samey after
having visited for a few years in succession. Personal favourites were
Turner V Twin diesel (running this year and sounding great), Drummond
willing worker and what I take to be a hopper cooled Lister G2 looking very
nice in the sunshine. Pics at end of 'Infernal Combustion' album.
Overheard parent talking to small child while watching cooling hopper being
filled - "See, they're steam engines, they run on water" !
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Nick H
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"miley_bob" wrote
Thanks for the confirmation on the G2, looked good didn't it.
It was the 'runs on water' bit as much as the misidentification which got me. We'd all be driving steam cars if we could just refuel them from the tap. Mind you, the government would probably dye it, slap a huge chunk of duty on it and call it WERV ;-)
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Nick H
Definatley a Lister G2.
I think most of us have had our engines called steam engines at one time or another. I remember someone asking me how my steam engine worked at a rally a few weeks ago. He looked somewhat bemused and made a quick escape when I told him that it was an IC engine which was actually running on petrol.
Mike M
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Waterivative don't sound right though :-))
Martin P
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