25322 Tamworth castle

Does anyone know where i can get a model of 25322 Tamworth Castle in OO scale in its 'ice cream van' livery.

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Mark Grainger
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"Mark Grainger" wrote

I've no recollection of this having been produced as a generally available ready-to-run model, so it may be a question of painting one yourself.

There's currently an example on eBay of Tamworth Castle in BR green livery as produced by the lads at Holbeck TMD when it was their training loco.


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John Turner

Mark, Only done by Model Rail magazine a few years ago, which was the first class

25 on the re-tooled body (Better looking front windows and metal handrails)

May have to try e-bay....

By the way, 2006 may see the real thing refurbished back to running order due to a change in ownership and talks are over the livery, hopefully this will be the one chosen (I hope so) See the bottom web address.

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Andy Sollis- Churnet Valley model Railway Dept.

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