Does anyone know a manufacturer who produces a 4mm scale kit for either an
LMS or BR push/pull coach?
Mike H
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jimedvic offered me a plate of cheese and whispered:
Comet Models do kits for a number of LMS coaches as well as the driving end to convert them.
I would recommend Kit M25, Brake Third Non-gangwayed Diag 1735 and EM5 LMS Driving Trailer windowed end. This will convert the coach to Diag 1790. They were built as Dia 1735 in 1930 and converted between 1930 and 1932. Suitable LMS running numbers are 24403-24409.
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Enzo Matrix
If you own one already or can get one cheap 2nd hand (though they are now collectors items), consider also the Grafar suburban brake coach - a good representation (possibly a wee bit short) of the LMS suburban brake 2nd. Someone used to produce a conversion kit, but it ought to be fairly easy to do a DIY conversion - drawings appeared in RM in the late '60s and again in summer 1985. The Farish route is definitely worth considering for N-gauge modellers who want such a vehicle (the N version of the GF coach being easier to track down).
David E. Belcher
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David E. Belcher

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