How save shaded objects?

I would like to create a picture (for example jpg), which shows the objects
and lines of my dwg.
I shade the drawing, so I can see the the solids and lines. But I can not
save the picture on my hard disk.
Does anybody know, how to save it?
I can save a rendered picture. But this does not show the lines in the
drawing (maybe because they are no solids, just lines).
Does anybody know, how to make lines in a rendered picture visible?
Thank You.
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Andrea Kürzl
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Press "Print Sceen" key and paste into your paint program.
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Conny Klasson
Render to File shows solids, but not LINES. I want to see both, solids and lines.
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Andrea Kürzl
Configure a paper space layout to a raster printer that saves as a JPG
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Terry Rawkins
Hi Terry, I tried that, but shaded objects appear as wireframes in the jpg-picture. And if I render, the lines disappear, only solids are visible.
Conny Klasson posted the best solution (until now) "Press "Print Sceen" key and paste into your paint program." Well, I get a screenshot, so I have to delete all around the drawing, but it works. Thank You, Conny.
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Andrea Kürzl

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