Need wire label generator for AutoCAD 2000

We were previously using Via Wire Label to extract and print wire labels
from our Autocad 2000. Autocad bought them up and now they no longer exist.
Our key no longer seems to work. Is there any third party software that
works like Via to extract the labels that are found in a seperate layer and
print them? Via was nice because it would grab all the labels no matter
where they were, not in a table or list.
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HiHo; Can you write lisp? If so go to
formatting link
and in "get the code" section, search for and in the file is tip 1336 or Write Text to File. On line (setq txt (ssget)) change to (setq txt (ssget "_P")) so it will use the Previous SS. Then run "filter" on the drawing and set it so it will create a SS of your text. Run wro.lsp and print the Text file. All this could be automated easily in lisp. Hope this helps.
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