FS: Lathe Turret

posting for a good friend:
lathe turret for sale; please view pictures:
formatting link

unit is dirty, but appears to be in nice shape, appears complete, no
toolholders; i'll have to view the unit again for a manufacturer,
dimensions, etc; my friend said the underside from dovetail to flat was
4.75" (if that helps).
pickup in carson city, nv only at this time; please email any inquiries.
priced @ $300.00
tnx in advance,
carson city nv
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That looks quite a bit like a bed turret for a Clausing 5900-series lathe. Are there any casting numbers on it?
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Mike Henry
Or -- the 5400 series. I have one, with the turret, and the turret has a matching serial number to my lathe bed.
But dimensions, such as how high the center of the turret holes is above the flat bed rider, and the distance between the center of the flat bed rider and the peak of the V rider would help.
Of course -- even better would be to find a *new* one, which will have the tool holes slightly undersized, so they can be bored to perfectly concentric with the spindle, as well as to the proper size.
Another measurement of use is the diameter of the tool holes.
One obvious difference from mine is that it is auto-locking, instead of having a lever over the center of the turret to clamp it tightly to the ram.
I don't see a maker's plate where it is on mine -- to the right of the bearing for the shaft which the handwheel turns, and level with it.
Another photo which would be nice to have would be an end view where it fits the bed ways.
Thanks, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
I have a sneaky suspicion this is for a South Bend machine.
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jim rozen
It appears to be a turret for a Logan 11", if I have my centerline heights remembered.
Price is about double what they sell for in this part of California. YMMV of course.
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