Boxford AUD Question.

I've been looking around for a nice Super 7 for about a grand without
success but I have come accross a Boxford AUD which I am thinking of buying.
Its a MK III circa 1979 machine and looks ok to me. It seems excessively
noisy with the gear train engaged although nice and quiet with the gears
disengaged. I am wondering if this is normal and could it be adjusted to
make it quieter. There does seem to be a bit of play on the forward/reverse
selector mechanism.
Opinions please.
I know that there are scanned (pdf) copies of Myford manuals available on
the net but are there any Boxford manuals available.
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Hold fire !!! My pal is getting rid of a Myford, I'll find out what it is tomorrow Bob
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Without hearing it I don't know whether the noise you hear is excessive or not but my 1978 Boxford is noisier than a Myford would be.
If the machine is in good condition then I have found that mine will do everything I want and can turn out work as good as quoted by the pros in the ME books. The big advantage of a Myford is the phenomenal number of bits and accessories available specifically designed for it. The Boxford in compensation has higher capacity in "normal" use and you look around can pick up a superb example with power cross feed and gearbox for less than half the price of the Myford.
There are Boxford manuals and paarts lists in the files section of the Yahoo Group "BoxfordLathe-UserGroup" at :
formatting link
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The Boxford was what the South Bend lathe could have evolved into, had SBL wished it to change. The boxford was originally a liscenced copy of the SB, and changes were made along the way. Like bearings in the headstock, and a few others that are detailed on the website.
The South Bend book, How to Run a Lathe, as a result, is a pretty good book to look at. Aside from the various locations that scans can be downloaded, there are many reprints of out-of-copyright editions that can be had for around the $10 or so price point over here. Im pretty sure there are retailers stocking the book in England.
Cheers Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones
Boxford did produce their own booklet, G&M used to have copies so it might be worth a call to them.
Cheers Tim
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Tim Leech

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