1/16" Sopwith Camel from Model Expo?

Anybody building or going to build the new 1/16" scale Sopwith Camel that
Model Expo has released? Comments? jim
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If it's anything like the Gullows stuff, I would say "Run Forest Run". For the most part I've not had a lot of success working with wooden kits. It's a lot different then plastic. By looking at the kit, I would say you probably need some experience with wooden ship models or the like to have a decent shot at getting it done with "museum quality". That being said, it's almost worth the $$$ just to get that fine looking Clerget engine kit (:>
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Count DeMoney
I have not seen the Camel kit, but have the Hasagawa Wright Flyer kit. It is as far above a Guillow kit as is the price. It is intended as a true shelf scale model. I suspect from the photos that the Camel kit is also.
That said, I still build the Guillows kits. Remember, they are intended as FLYING models. They can, with a lot of work, be made into decent scale models. If the model depicts a metal-covered aircraft one must cover with styrene sheet or good card stock, instead of tissue. For the older, fabric covered aircraft the tissue covering works well. One must scratch cockpit and engine, however.
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Don Stauffer in Minnesota

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