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Hi all:

I'm currently building a F15C (1/48). It''ll be my first airbrushed model so I have a question about masking the copckit (that is already painted and cemented in place). Please, tips about how to do it the best way.

Another rhing, the vertical fins should be painted before or after they are attached to the main fuselage body?

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from your post I gather you will display an open CP. I have always used regular masking tape burnished down along the edge of the CP opening, making sure of no gaps but still stuffed damp cotton down inside (and on the instrument coaming) before applying the tape. If anything does get under the tape, the cotton gets it first, hopefully :-)

If closed CP, attach it, blend it in and mask the whole thing then paint. My personal favorite for this is Bare Metal Foil.

You could paint the vertical stabilizers before then touch the paint up after attaching them, but I'll bet you'll get good enough coverage from your airbrush to attach them first

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Charles Ryan

Mask the canopy, then line the canopy edges with strips of blue tack. Stick the canopy onto the fuselage and press it down. Take a bit of blue tack and "blot" the join. Any excess blue tack will pull off leaving a gasketed canopy. Paint your model.

Unless the fit of the vertical tail is perfect, I would attach them first.

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