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If one of the Photoworks experts here can answer this what I am sure is a real dumb question for me, life would be good. In the "lighting" tab of Scene Editor in Photoworks 2007, please tell me how to de-select any lighting options whatsoever. Under predefined light sources, name: I would like there to be ...none selected, how do I do this?

Thanks in advance, Michael

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Try this file out and see if it works?

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And, place the data in this directory... c:\\photoworks\data\Lights

BTW, I (and maybe you did also) had some interesting problems saving this,.. it would save it in my SW2006 /data/PhotoWorks/custom directory and it would NOT allow me to save it in the proper SW2007 directory? I had to close SW and restart for it to save?? Typical SW Corp inconsistency,.. and more damaged follicles in my scalp.


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Paul Salvador


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