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Please supply me with some pro's and con's of this software. Currently have
the majority of my rolling stock in a Access database will help.
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I'm sure you'll get much feedback from those who use the software regularly. Locally we've come to call it ShitFit. One user is on the verge of going back to his old car card systerm.
If I were looking to get a computer based op system I think I would look at RailOp or, as Howard mentioned, ProTrak
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The CB&Q Guy
On 11/20/05 11:27 PM, in article, "The CB&Q Guy" wrote:
I contacted Protrak about a Macintosh version, and got a pretty quick response. No commitment, but apparently, he's been getting a LOT of OS X inquiries lately.
Are more Personal Computer users switching to Macintosh, or are just more of us Mac users getting interested in printing switchlists, waybills, etc.?
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Brian Paul Ehni
Yes. Or Linux. First time buyers of PCs will take what they get, the current version of Windows. Those who are thinking replacement think of alternatives, and a significant minority will switch. The problem of document formats is no longer a problem.
Now if TRAINZ would make a Mac version, I'd be happier than the proverbial pig. :-)
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Wolf Kirchmeir
I have both Shipit and Shipit Car Cards. Not worth the money. Entering data is very tedious in both programs. If you have a medium to large size layout and are considering operations, Shipit is not the program for you. There is a 3rd party piece of software called "the balancer" which should also be purchased ($60) if you have any hopes of using Shipit to generate waybills and/or switchlists. I have a large layout and attempted to use Shipit to generate waybills. The data base crashed and I would have had to enter all my industries, commodities, shippers and consignees again and hope the program would not crash. To keep your sanity, stay away from Shipit.
There is some good freeware available on the yahoo card card group and opsig group. On the yahoo car card group there is are excel spreadsheets for genenerating car cards and waybills. I am using it to generate car cards and waybills for my layout. Fast data entry and if you take some time you can customize the spread sheet for your use. Don Husman the opsig yahoo group has an Access application for the generation of car cards and waybills.
As for commercial systems I tried the Shenendoah systems programs (free trial download) and it is very user friendly.
Hope this helps, Steve B.
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```````` That's Dave Husman. He's a member of the group, too, so if you have a question or a problem with the Access application Steve refers to above, Dave is just a shout away.
"Paul - The CB&Q Guy" (Modeling 1960's In HO.)
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The CB&Q Guy
I haven't used the program for waybills or generating traffic but for strictly inventory purposes, I love it. Looking at the other posts, I guess it's all in what you get use to. To me, it's an easy data entry program. They let you download it and try it for a short period of time so give it a try.
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