Last TPO's

There must have 100+ people at York last night for the last up TPO's around
10.00pm including headboards and a piper, there was about 30 hardy
souls who stayed up for the last down TPO's. I have published a
fotopic website to record the last week at
formatting link
have more, including videos if anybody wants to conatct me via
email I will send these on.
Duncan Langtree
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Duncan Langtree
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In message , Duncan Langtree writes
I thought the last TPO ran between Bristol and Penzance today.
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John Sullivan
they were the last on the East Coast main line
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Duncan Langtree
All this talk about TPOs at York reminds me of my dear old father in law.
We used to live in York in the 60s, and he visited about once/month. It was a long journey for him all the way from Epsom, and excursion trains were always at anti-social hours. When we got back to the station on Sunday night for his return journey there was usually a down TPO in the platform. In those days there was a post box on the train where you could post for an extra 0.5d (old money).
One night he posted a letter addressed to himself and was delighted when his letter arrived at his house in Epsom only a couple of hours later than him.
Times change. I think weekend excursions ceased some time ago, now TPOs
Peter Bridge
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I'd like to see the video.... But I can't find an e-mail address in your posting :o(
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Marcus Dawson

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