Wanted: 2nd-hand 00 gauge Airfix/Dapol and/or Farish suburban coaches

Hello all,
I'm currently on the look-out for an Airfix/Dapol LMS non-corridor
brake coach to pair with the lav compo I already have, in reasonably
good nick (though any missing buffers, vacuum pipes or roof vents could
easily be remedied by me, plus I'll be adding metal wheels anyway, so
even missing wheelsets aren't a problem) at a sensible price.
Preferably BR livery, but would consider an LMS example to repaint.
Less important, but asking on the off-chance in the same post, is
possibly acquiring a Graham Farish suburban coach and suburban brake
coach to strengthen the existing fleet of GF suburban stock that I own.
Remarks re. condition/price/livery as for the Airfix brake end; only
interested in the later examples with plastic roofs, underframes &
bogies, though. If you may be able to help re. either request, please
contact me at deb107(underscore)york(at)btinternet(dot)com, and I look
forward to hearing from you soon.
Thanks in advance,
David Belcher
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