Who Will Stand This Mighty Destroyer of Pretend Engineers?

Do you know the rough probability that, the next time you fly somewhere on a jet plane, that it will crash?
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John Larkin
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John Larkin wrote
Yep, too small to worry about.
I dont hide under the bed whenever one passes over either.
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Rod Speed
If that were true then maybe more would answer your posts.
Nothing political but the sidebar tree always has a long slope to the right with my posts and a long slope to the left with yours.
Face reality, most everyone thinks nutters are boring.
Anyway nutters might want to mainstream spree shootings by going carbon free.
"Shoot local" would be your bumper sticler
Bret Cahill
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Bret Cahill
And yet, here you are, my trained monkey. Another turn of the organ grinder, another cute monkey dance.
And yet, here you are, trying to get the last word.
Anyway, this dodges the central issue. When I say something, it is really the last word on the subject. People read my posts, they don't say, "I gotta answer this horseshit."
Obviously not, or you would get far fewer readers. And everyone seems to believe they can debunk your looniness. They have no idea how long you can dodge and dodge and dodge.
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John Fields wrote
We werent discussing not sharing the idea, you pathetic excuse for a bullshit artist.
What was being discussed was whether an worthwhile idea needs to be VALIDATED by producing a product that corporates choose to buy.
Nope, most obviously if someone else also comes up with that idea later.
The idea that you can con some fools into believing that that if they blow themselves to bits in the right circumstances that that will be an instant transport to nirvana is one obvious example.
Religion is repleat with examples of ideas that are bad for mankind.
Its a straw man.
Pathetic. You wouldnt know what a real straw man was if one bit you on your lard arse.
And we werent discussing not SHARING it, we were discussing whether producing a product that uses that idea and flogging it to a corporate VALIDATES the idea. Of course it doesnt.
Clearly nothing to do with SHARING.
More fool you. We were clearly discussing the Brat sharing ideas.
Just did.
Wrong again. Thats not what hearsay is.
Taint hindsight either. Just history.
But that does mean that if they decide that they arent interested in your idea, that that does NOT mean that the idea is invalid, just that they are have their own agenda and that they are irrelevant as far as whether your idea is worthwhile or not.
We're discussing VALIDATION of an idea. If its ignorned, it aint been VALIDATED.
Any 2 year old could leave that for dead.
Irrelevant to whether its a worthwhile idea or not.
Wrong again. There's been many who have come up with a good idea who arent capable of turning that into a viable product. Its still a good idea even if they cant and someone else can turn it into a viable product.
Just as true even with that.
How odd that we havent seen a shred of that from you.
brought to fruition,
We werent discussing sharing, we were discussing whether you need to turn it into a viable product that some corporate chooses to buy to VALIDATE and idea. Of course you dont.
Yep, unlike Larkin's silly claim about turning it into a viable product yourself and getting a corporate interested in that product.
And even with someone else choosing to use an idea, only the pathetically insecure need that to happen to 'validate' what is a useful idea.
Its STILL a useful idea even if you're the only one that ever gets to hear about it.
Your problem.
It aint just about the marketplace. Plenty of the most important ideas dont involve the marketplace at all.
Its got nothing to do with hearts.
Any 2 year old could leave that for dead.
Fraid so.
Just another of your pathetic little drug crazed fantasys.
Unlike your juvenile shit.
You'd be the expert on those.
Yep, and if you dont like it, do the decent thing and hang yourself or sumfin.
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Rod Speed
Oh dear that actually made me laugh out loud.
A brainless jerk insults 3 engineers whose products have sold in the (most likely tens of ) thousands
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