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From: Mark B. Bundick ( snipped-for-privacy@idonttakespam.earthlink.net) Subject: Re: NAR BoD declines Wickman leadership in legislative action View: Complete Thread (451 articles) Original Format Newsgroups: rec.models.rockets Date: 2003-08-28 17:34:18 PST
House and Senate staffers have questions generally about the sport rocketry hobby. They're not familiar with what we do for fun. They don't have a clue from squat about dual deployment or M1319's or proper throat diameters or PSAN. There's no inherent reason for them to know about this stuff. We're not America's most popular pastime.
Whether grounded in science or not, those staffers and their bosses have real objections to creating an exempted class for materials that the Administration says are dangerous explosives. The people the staff and members most generally turn to for advice in these matters, ATFE, says it's an explosive, and, like it or not, to Congress, they're the experts in these matters.
There's a need for sport rocketry users and leadership to know what those questions and objections are, both to provide information to our community, and to counter the fears and objections. Unless we know about the issues and objections, we can't successfully counter them.
There are multiple ways to get legislation passed through the Congress. Each one has pluses and minuses. All have been used at various times to successfully pass into law bills which provide relief to widely varying constituencies. What's the optimal path to take?
Given this environment, we have choices to make.
How should the education of members and staff be accomplished?
How can the fear, uncertainty and doubt being sown by ATFE be dispelled?
How can the optimal legislative path be diserned?
How can we engage the members and staff in productive dialog in order to obtain their votes in our favor?
How will the sport rocketry community know what progress is being made or not made towards the passage of legislation, and what, if anything, they should do about it?
Members can certainly argue that we could attempt to do those things on our own.
I submit we should learn from other trade, professional and recreational associations who have problems with the Government.
What do they do to affect legislative change?
They use professional advisors to:
- educate members and staff on their issues;
- provide feedback to association members about progress, concerns and roadblocks;
- assist the leadership in the nature and timing of strategy designed to get legislation passed.
It's John who's provided that staff and member education, that progress reporting to members, and that legislative strategy counsel to NAR and TRA.
If members believe John has not provided value in these three areas, they should tell me either what I should instruct John to do differently going forward, or offer realistic alternatives to his services.
To date, I have received no credible feedback regarding how to get this job done without John Kyte's help.
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"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." - anon.
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Jerry Irvine wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@corp.supernews.com:
Yeah, the judge is taking his sweet time, but unlike the senate bill the opposition can't kill it outright. And if it hadn't been for the senate bill we might not have had to wait so long for a ruling in court.
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And while you are responding to my posts:
1. Cease and desist asking for ATF permits in violation of law, of NFPA codes, of your lawsuit position and of course of your fiduciary duty.
a. Inform me when you have ceased.
2. Cease and desist claiming there is a 62.5g limit of any relevence to ATF.
a. Inform me when you have ceased.
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Jerry Irvine
Do the obvious? Show them the ORANGE BOOK and 27 CFR 555.1145-a-8?
How dense are you?
Or Kyte?
And at EVERY inflection point you make the wrong one!
27 CFR 555.141-a-8
27 CFR 555.141-a-8
Provide roadblocks? Yep you do that well.
27 CFR 555.141-a-8
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Jerry Irvine
I am actually willing to take this on face value! Congrats.
YOUR President's Message was the source of "tolerance for weight limits".
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Jerry Irvine
"Fred Shecter" wrote in message news: snipped-for-privacy@news.boeing.com...
the back of each one".
27 8 by 10 color glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one, explaining what each one was.
--tc Kid, Have you rehabilitated yourself?
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Ted Cochran
Why not just ask him to post his responce here. Where we can all see it. Mark can do it, what is JW afraid of?
Jerry Irv> >
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Alex Mericas
You are confusing an act of faith with fact. An act of faith can not easily be falsifiable, which means you can not construct an experiment or collect data to prove it wrong. To disprove the afterlife you have to die, but what if part of the afterlife is that you can not communicate with the live. Unlike an act of faith, the assertion that JW has a plan or a clue CAN be proven. I have asserted a counter theory. If you prove me wrong, you prove yourself correct. Prove me wrong, show your cards.
Ismaeel Abdur-Rasheed wrote:
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my responses following Bunny's repost is at the end of his post, included here for clarity
Mark B. Bundick wrote:
relevant excerpt of my 2003-08-29 18:59:40 PST post in response to the above in thread "Re: NAR BoD declines Wickman leadership in legislative action"
=== let's just look at my original question:
what I asked Mark for were the *results* of John Kyte's participation. What he responded with were generalized objectives without methods or specific results.
I have had 20 years of management, including project management, under my belt. Usually with staff, often with contractors. I always state specific goals that are measurable; we call them "deliverables" in the professional services community.
In John Kytes case, examples of measureable results would be collected information, assessment of Senator's positions on an individual basis, specific actions taken to effect change in those positions, the impact (success or failure) of those actions in observable terms [i.e.; Senator's position statements], and postmortem of overall process to identify where errors in judgement or execution were made.
All of the above in presentable form (charts, graphs, narratives, etc.)
what are the "performance measures" used to determine if John Kyte was effective at any level, and how is his actual performance expressed in those terms.
in effect, specifically WHAT did he DO, and DEMONSTRATE how EFFECTIVE was it?
I am still awaiting a substantive answer ===
relevant excerpt of my 2003-08-30 00:40:00 PST subsequent post in thread "Re: NAR BoD declines Wickman leadership in legislative action"
=== my impression of your description of John K's activities was that he maintained a continuous presence in the Senate buildings, meeting with Senators staffers systematically over an extended period of time. What was accomplished in that time? Please state it in measureable terms (qualitative and quantitative).
Mark, with all due respect, you simply are not answering the question.
Meaningful "status reports" would include individual Senator's positions, how they came to those positions, what actions John Kyte took in remedy, and what observable results were achieved as a result. In all of your "Messages from the President" I see little or none of this information.
What did John Kyte produce relative to the goal? [ not what isolated activities did he engage in, or what you plan to do for the Fall ]
I suggest you hold John Kyte accountable for his time, and insist on the reports I've suggested. From that his degree of effectiveness [in measureable terms] will be undeniably clear. Conduct a proper post-mortem, and take your next steps from there. ===
- iz
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