IPMS reaching into POCKETS!

NEWS I hear is IPMS is going to start to charge for entry all the way down
to 2 year old kids!
Also hear tell they are going need to cash in the CD soon.
No more make n take kits
Charge for EACH and EVERY model entered into NATS!
Thats right a PER MODEL Entry fee!
So how do you all like the higher membership dues I said you were going to
be hit with?
FUCK THE IPMS_THEY DO NOTHING for the plastic modeler!
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Ahhh, the Dennison demon farts again.
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Bill Woodier
We should show pity on Dennis. After all, the definition of insanity is repeating the same task over and over and expecting different results.
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Is Dennis high, or just naturally stupid?
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Don McIntyre
"Don McIntyre" wrote in message
This would be an opportune moment to warn young modellers to the dangers of working in confined spaces where they may be fully subjected to the harmful effects of fumes and vaoprs.
Good night citizens of Gotham. ;-)
Ps. Good night to you too Dennis - and the rest of the inmates at Arkham.
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