Is it true that the IPMS is going to shut down in December? Thats what I heard at the local hobby shop today!


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N> Is it true that the IPMS is going to shut down in December?

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You are mistaken...it was the PMS lovers society that shut down.They were tired of getting ragged on for their fetish...

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nah, they just went with the flow.

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You could say they were 'ahead of their time'.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Maybe Dennis could start a non-aircraft subject thread.

He sure has lost a lot of lustre in his "I hate IPMS because they won't put up with my crap (so to speak)" posts.

Dd he show up at the Nats this year? Does anybody really care?

What a pathetic little man. :-(

Happy modeling.


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Probably....just like the hobby shop you mentioned. Most businesses and organizations "shut down" for a day or two....right around the

25th of December....a little thing known as the Christmas Holidays. Though...with your being an Infidel...I can understand why you are not familiar with the concept.


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Greg Heilers

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