Re: Idiotisches X-Posting from US

> Das ist mir eigentlich ziemlich wurscht. Aber offensichtlich seid Ihr zu >
> > d mlich, das Crossposting in den deutschsprachigen Raum einzustellen. >
> Mich hat mal ein Ami als "Nazi" angep belt, weil er meinte, "de"
> st nde f r "Detroit" und dort w rde verdammt nochmal englisch
> geschrieben.
Koestlich! Habe selten so gelacht :)
Man muss bedenken dass es fuer serh viele amerikaner nicht immer
bekannt ist dass es ausserhalb amerikas nennenswerte zivilisation
gibt. Also kann das .de ja nur fuer detroit stehen ;)
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Matt Lang
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The Natural Philosopher
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Ich finde es laecherlich, euer Verhalten!
Ihr quatscht da so los, irgend nen Schmarn ueber Amerika und keine Kultur, und wie dumm die Amerikaner sind, u.s.w. u.s.f...
Ich hab fast mein ganzes Leben in Deutschland verbracht, als "Einwanderer" aus Italien. Jetzt studiere ich seit etwas weniger als einem Jahr in den Vereinigten Staaten. In der ganzen Zeit in der ich in Deutschland war hab ich es nicht ein einziges mal geschafft von den Menschen dort "Menschlich" behandelt zu werden! (siehe Beispiel eure unmenschliche Art und Weise hier ploetlich ueber eine Dummheit ein "Voelkerstreit" auszuloesen)...
Dagegen bin ich seit nur weniger als 11 Monaten in den Vereinigten Staaten und ich habe mich bereits in das Volk verliebt. Jeder is offen, Menschlich (gross geschrieben!!!), und immer Hilfsbereits gewesen. Ich hab null Probleme gehabt mich hier anzugewoehnen, jeder den ich getroffen hab hat stehts alles moegliche gemacht um mir dabei zuhelfen, sei es auf dem Universitaet's Campus oder ueberall wo ich gewesen bin.
Ich bin es satt von ungebildeten Ignoranten wie euch, die kein anderen Ort gesehen haben als ihr eigenes Bauerndorf, erklaert zu bekommen wie die bloed, dumm, boese, unkultiviert, u.s.w. die Amerikaner sind! Und erzaehlt mir nix von ich seih Pro-Bush oder son schmarn. Es is mir wurscht ob ich Pro-Busch bin, ob mein bester Amerikanischer Freund Pro-Busch ist oder ob er Pro-Marx ist... Die Amerikaner sind ein beneidenswertes, interessantes und freundliches Volk, und vorallem ihr Deutsche koenntet sehr viel von ihnen lernen!
Wollte ich nur mal loswerden....
Bernardo Fanti
I find your behaviour to be ridiculous! You speak some incoherent crap about how stupid Americans are, how they have no culture etc.
I have lived most of my life in Germany as an "immigrant" from Italy. Now I'm studying at a College in the United States, and I've been here for less than a year. In all the time I had been in Germany I have not once been treated "humanly" (e.g. your unhuman and incoherent way to start a "war between nations")...
In contrast, I've only been less than 11 months in the United States so far, and I have already come to love this Nation. Everybody is open, human!!, and always ready to help. I haven't had any trouble so far getting used to a totally new culture, language, and way of life, and everybody I've met both on-campus and off-campus has always been willing to help in every possible way.
I'm tired to be told by uneducated ignorants like you how Americans suck, how they're so stupid, so uncultured, so.... You haven't been anywhere else but in your little hometown in the middle of nowhere! And don't tell me anything about "you're Pro-Bush!!" or bullshit like that. I don't care if I am pro-busch or if my best friend here is pro-bush or pro-communism... The Americans are an enviable, interesting, and friendly Nation, and especially YOU Germans could learn a lot from them!
Bernardo Fanti
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Bernardo schrieb:
Zum Beispiel unsere nationalen Interessen ohne Rücksicht auf Verluste gegen andere Länder durchsetzen? Das hatten wir schon mal ...
Auch interessant, daß die Aufforderung, bitte nicht mehr nach de.rec.modelle.bahn x-posten innerhalb kurzer Zeit mit "Nazi" beantwortet wird?
Schön für Dich, wenn es Dir dort gefällt. Ich kann mir "Vorne freundlich, hinten bigott" sparen. Aber als "Ja-Sager" wird man dort sicher nett behandelt.
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Frank Forsten
das kann nur jemand verstehen, der jemals Drüben war. Du hast aber leider Recht, der normale Durchschnittsdeutsche ist nur so schlau wie sein Dorf und die deutsche Volkszeitung BILD :-/ Wer USA = Bush = USA tönt, beweißt nur, daß er nicht intelligenter ist !!!
Gruß, Markus
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Markus Hoffmann
And amidst all these accusations from the past, who here is in a position to change history?
Learn from history people but don't dwell on it. And by no means let yourself think that what someone's ancestors were or did rules that individual today. Get a life and move on!
And my ancestors came from Germany should anyone care! So it would seem the Germans had a hand in the slavery and mass killings here as well. That is, if one is foolish enough to believe that everyone here was involved!
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Typical DH! Wanting to blame the US for the worlds ills! Back to your bottle you dip shit!
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Well I cant speak any German.....but I have a question for you. What was name of that German WWII jet....ME209????? I know there was a second one....the Comet??? The ones that, I belive it was Chuck Yeager, whom use to shoot down all the time in his P51 Mustang. OBTW....German trains are ok..but.....Nothing is better than an ATLAS N scale GP40-2 with digital decoders. :-)
TY for any info Mike
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Mike R.
Hi Mike,
Mike R. wrote:
Sorry if I try to answer your question. :-)
This Airplane has no special name. The Me 209 is in truth the Me 109R and has the World Record for Top Speed in 1939. It was a new construction only for this flight.
The Airplane you mean is the Me 163 with the CodeName "Komet" or Comet. Wich model/typ of P 51 has Chuck flown?
Sorry I have only Table Top (TT) :-)
nop STTefan
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Stefan Seibt
Okay - thats better than politics :-)
Me 209 was not a jet, but an improvement of the Me 109
There were several jets in germanys bad old days befor 1945. What are you looking for Planes with rocket engine - with 1 or 2 jet engines - or even with 4 or 6 jet engines?
There was a roket-plane called Messerschmitt Me 163 - Komet -
And an Atlas N GP40 ist not the thing i like most - I´m fan of the PROTO 1000 BUD RDCs in H0. And of ALCO dieselpower.
MRR is fine.
And I hope, this is the end of the senceless OT battles :-)
Greetings from northern Germany
Harald Brosch
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My MRR Website
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Harald Brosch
"Stefan Seibt" posted message IDon Tue, 27 Apr 2004 19:06:23 +0200
The jet plane was the ME 262 Swallow.
Exacxtly backwards. This propeller-driven aircraft was the ME 209, but was reported to be the ME 109R so as to give the rest of the world the impression that Germany had a front-line fighter capable of extremely high speed.
This much is true. Calling it a derivitive of the 109 line was strictly propaganda, though.
The Komet was rocket-powered, not jet.
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Todd Klondike
Over his career he's probably had the chance to fly every model of Mustang. But in the war I know he flew at least the 'D' variant. Might have flown one or more of the others during the war too but I'm not sure.
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That's a very long way to say 'I don't know'
Do you write Dubytas speeches too?
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The Natural Philosopher
TY for the info.......sorry to have misspelled "comet" I thought it was Komet....looking for 2 jets, it was used at the end of the war when Germany was on the defensive (probally the modified 109 that u mentioned). I think it would make a neat ducted fan electric....are you a DCC fan as well???? I like the Digitrax Challenger. I always liked the "geeps" but Alco and Buds are nice.
Greetings from the US, state Pa. city Reading
OT is senceless.....
take care Mike
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Mike R.
If im correct TT is like between HO and N...I had some intreset in that scale but seems to be limited, but that was years ago. If I had the room for it I would go to 2 rail O. Sorry about the Chuck thing.......we need a little humor some times :-) Not sure which one he flown.....only got that info from a tv show called Discovery Wings.....a show on tv 24/7 dedicated to airplanes. I would like to start scrach building planes and I think the 163 and 109 would make some interesting parkflyers. I always liked the look of German WWII and WWI planes. Two of my parkflyer feature the Maltease Cross on wing and tail.
TY for info Glad to here from fellow model railroaders abroad
take care Mike
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Mike R. (Mike R.) wrote in message
Moin, moin (Short for "good morning" - but can be used the hole day here in northern Germany :-)
The Me209 was a prop-fighter !!!!!!!!
The Komet Messerschmidt 163 was a rocket-plane - no air-intake - nothing for ducted fans. The Salamander Heinkel 162 hat one jet-Engine above the wing - difficult to fly as a model.
There where mainly two 2-engine jet-planes in operation. Arado 234 Blitz - reconnaissance bomber Messerschmidt 262 Schwalbe / Sturmvogel as fighter / bomber / reconnaissance. For the last one, you will find the most informations. Good to fly as a model.
We use the Intellibox for FREMO modular layouts - but at home I still use ROCO. FREMO is a very large MRR-club with membersall over Europe -and even in the US, i think.
I like US Railroads - but its expensive and difficult to get sparparts here in Germany :-( I`m just looking for drive-shafts for Proto1000 RDCs.
Yes !!!!!!!!!
Tschuess from Winsen (Near Hamburg) ( Tschuess means "good bye" in northern Germany :-))
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Harald Brosch
Er. no. Copmet is an english word. There wer two English planes called comets. One was a twin engined de havilland long distance racer, the wother was 4 engined airliner. The first ever jet airliner.
Ahh yes I do remeber that jet liner....would be cool to model; but, I would need alot of them.....for as soon it would reach an altitude of 100ft it would just simply blow apart........something I do know :-)
Mike We Yanks do get an edemucation..........we just correct and improve upon others faulty ideas.
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Mike R.

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