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Say what?? The $40 K to the man seems to validate what I said in the letter.. Do you have any new information to share with us??
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W. E.Fred Wallace
Fred seems to get a kick out of seeing the government come down on people... one suspects that back in the days off public executions, he would have been a regular spectator.
-dave w
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David Weinshenker
I have this opinion it is specific to one individual.
The particular one he claimed he would HELP.
Hence the ethical and moral break.
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Jerry Irvine
Not "people", just obnoxious BS artists who insist they are legal and have all the answers and blame others for their own screwups.
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If it weren't for Jerry's running off at the mouth, I'd feel bad for him. As it is, I think it's funny. I guess he was off by about 40k on his assumptions about DOT. It sucks to be a FOOL of hot air.
I wonder what ATF is going to do to him.
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Phil Stein

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