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I really appreciate the generous offer, but I'm very reluctant to do that. I don't like being dependent on others.
I've got cable. But I wouldn't do anything until after I move.
I hope you have inside cosmic information on this. :)
I'll hopefully know more tomorrow.
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BB since my DSL is on my land line I use Tracfone no montly charges you buy minutes. You can buy the phones anywhere.
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You have to keep renewing minutes to keep the number active, or buy a year's service. When you don't use a cell much like me, $99 for a year's service and 60 minutes of call time pretty much covers it. Less than $15/month. Only drawback is up here in the foothills Tracphone has a fair number of dead spots.
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Jon Anderson
That would be an issue for Bob in the area he lives. He should check with neighbors to see which ones get the best reception.
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Bob, Maybe a cell phone plan where you buy a fixed amount of minutes would work. When the minutes are up you buy more. I don't use my cell phone much and this type of plan is good for occasional users.
Best, Steve
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Well Bob, Maybe you'll hit the lottery or something.
I just wouldn't want you to miss a call about Fran while you were shopping or something when that could be prevented by the month for two thirds of what I spend on cigarettes in a single day. No biggie.
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John R. Carroll

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