1:240 (approx) scale figures, accessories, etc?

Well, here the indigenous population is more like 1%, if that. Canadian and European immigration is pretty low, and I've never heard of a problem with either group. Hell, we're all alike. Asians are by and large model citizens. I've found them to be on average extremely polite, hard working and smart. Our liberal government people started this quota system back in the 70s for jobs and universtiy attendance, etc., where minorities got preferential treatment.............except...........many universites set enrollment limits where hard working minorities like orientals could only have 15% of the seats each year, otherwise, if they were treated equally like our constitution says, they would be a majority of the student population and none of the other lazyer or stupider minorites could get in at all. Democrats like to do these social engineering experiments, only they never apologize when they screw things up, as they always do. They yearn for that utopic communist system too......only it never works either. Like the Russians used to say........"The government pretends to pay me, and I pretend to work". BTW, our slow as snails Supreme Court finally ruled years later that the quota based on race laws were unconstitutional. It's like the right to an abortion that's not in the constitution. How many tens of million babies have to be butchered by their mothers and her physician before that's declared illegal. The root of it all are the laywers, who have gotten the Kings and Ruling Elite to declare that the unborn and the dead have less rights than your sheep. Oh if only I was Supreme ruler...........
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You watch the History Channel too? The the son of a bitch was a lier too? So which was he, a God or a Mortal.
Shows you how stupid the Jap monkeys were. The Emporer should have been hung in the town square like Mussilini and his mistress were. We should have vaporized the whole dame iland chain for what they did to our sons and the Chinese, Manchrians, Koreans, and a whole lot of other people. BTW Mark, maybe when you grow up you'll learn marxism, communism and liberalism doesn't work. When you reach the age of majority you're supposed to take care of yourself and give Mommy and Daddy a break.
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Of course he's not.
Sme goes for New Zealand - we'd still be equally ahead.
Make that a fairly broad range.
Let him pick, it toughens me up.
The other side of the coin is that the US applies duties and taxes as well as setting punitive quotas on the amount of NZ lamb that we can ship to the US. US buyers are crying out to receive more NZ lamb than we are allowed to supply so we have to ration supplies to established importers. The only obvious logic to the US actions is that you're punishing us for not being you sockpuppets.
We tailor the growth of our beef to suit the individual market - the NZ steak you would buy in Taiwan would be different to the nasty fatty stuff the US demands.
Regards, Greg.P.
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Greg Procter
There's alway collateral damge in war, but this one has the least, due to our high tech weapontry and compassion for the Iraqi people. The difference is, when innocent civilans die by an American bullet or bomb, it was a mistake the Americans try very hard to avoid. The Muslim culture is so filled to the brim the hatred.......hate for everyone not Muslim, hate for other kinds of Muslims, hate for Muslim women who don't do what they're told, like trained circus dogs............that the Muslins will murder, will torture, will kill women and childern and babies and male civilians, up close and personal, with the infliction of the maximum torture and pain, on purpose.
If the politicians would let the military do their job to the best of their ability the whole thing would have been over in a few days, with Ole Glory flying over the capital in Baghdad.
So tell me Mark, where ever you live, why do you hate the U.S. so much?
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The middle east is Asia. The people who murdered Americans in Lebanon, in the African embassies, on the U.S.S. Cole, on a Cruise Ship, in European airports, and in New York City, to name a few, all came from the middle east, all were paid by Middle Eastern governments, or other Middle Eastern benefactors as are the people murdering non-muslim civilians in Israel and in the Palastinian enclaves, and no Middle Eastern government were lifting a finger to stop them. How long would you suggest we wait before taking action?
We do? When and were?
I'll bet all the unarmed civilians murdered or imprisoned by the North Vietnam communists after we left where just thrilled by the victory, as were the millions of dead Cambodeans short after.
There were at 99% tribal warlord status long before we got there.
Where did you get than figure? I doubt if we even filled 20,000 terrorists. I guess the other 980,000 were normal old age?
a million dead
More normal old age. We had to keep sanctions on, because France was making a fortune under the table shippin him whatever he wanted.
Like Iraq didn't invade Kuwait, rape innocent Kuwaiti woman, getng caught carting off half the goods in Kuwait and setting fire to hundreds of oil wells
and over a
OK, we had 3 murders for religious reasons between 1750 and 1950, and they have 50 a day. Good comparison.
Yeah right. We only did it for selfesh reasons, despite not one of our factories got a scratch.
Germany started WWI and deserved to have their country go non-existent. Germany started many wars in previous centuries too. My ancestors moved over here in the 1860s to get out of there for that very reason.
No, they gave us a whole couple of hours notice. Saddam got months notice in 91 and months notice in 2003. He played brinksmanship to boost his prestege, and he lost.
I never heard the blockade fantasy before. You mean we actually had U.S. Naval ships blocking off the Japanese harbors so no shipping could get in or out? I did hear we stopped shipping them scrap metal to try and get them to stop committing atrosities in China and Manchuria, like wholsale rape, pillaging, forcing women to become military protitutes, throwing babies in the air and catching them on their bayonets, etc. What, we don't have the right as a nation to decide who we trade with?
I noticed you didn't deny the canabalism claim :-)
We face the treats of Muslim terrorism and nuclear weapons. We recently had almost 3000 Americans murdered by Muslims over here, if you don't remember.
Oh, no Communism. That's good. So I guess they returned all of that private property they stole from the people who owned it before they had to flee to Taiwan in 1949 or be murdered by the communists?
I learned, I thank you, and I thank New Zealand.
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A minor problem with your political theory is that the US political system doesn't work either. It gets propped up in the US, Australia etc by your mineral resource wealth, but without that it's crap.
Regards, Greg.P.
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Greg Procter
The great avoidance of responsibility for your actions! You took war to Iraq - the damage and the slaughter is what you took to Iraq - you are responsible for it all.
What "compassion"? You destroy their infrastructure, you destroy their economy, you destroy their homes, you remove all possibility of their gaining any rights or freedoms, you set up corrupt government. Next you'll leave Iraq a political vacuum and set them up for a horrific civil war andprobably genocide - what compassion?
There's no evidence to support that lie.
Who tells you these silly stories? Why are you so stupid as to fall for them?
Why would you stupidly believe that Iraqis want to be repressed by a foreign military power?
Nobody hates the USa, that's just propaganda you've been brainwashed into believing. OTOH many people hate what the US does to other nations. That is entirely different from hating the USa.
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Greg Procter
(delusional rantings snipped)
Greg, why respond to this thing?
It's a fuckwit troll, or it's mentally defective, but in either case it doesn't deserve to have it's ravings dignified with a sensible response.
Wayne/dgw, or whatever name the voices told you to post under, do us all a favour, eh? Put yourself out of your misery. And ours.
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Like the combat boot that yearns to be ceramic body armor?
Could be, for the no "US navy wanted" incident? What ever happened to NAFTA and GATT. 90% of Americans were vehemently against both agreements, but as always the ruling elite got what they wanted........to shut down Americna factories and build new ones in 3rd world countries other than New Zealand and Canada. Millions of Americans don't have those good factory jobs any more. If you vote Democrat you're going to pay higher taxes for welfare freebees to the minorities. If you vote Republican you are going to get more products made offshore. There is no party for the middle class. Both parties pushed through NAFTE and GATT because that's what the billionaires wanted.
I guess you can't sell to a 3rd party country and have them resell to the US? I guess that would be unethical!
Everything tastes better with fat and salt, like potato chips :-) I noticed in Taiwan that it was almost impossible to get cookies that actually have a lot of sugar in them. The first box I bought tasted like seaweed. When I went over there I had an extra suitcase filled to the brime with coffee, cookies, chocolate, cigarettes and a whole laundry list of things the manager over there wanted me to bring for him. I still have an unopened back of chinese "Long Life" cigarettes. I brought 4 cartons of my own brand with me when I went over.
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I guess you could be right Greg. When we run out and have to import more and more, we'll not be able to complete untill our standard of living slides down to 3rd world levels. Glad Ill be dead by then. Hey, how about if we just counquer other countries that still have mineral wealth? Actually, the 500 families already control the whole world, so what's the use. The only way we can get even is stop breeding and cut off their labor source,,,,,,,,,,like that's gonna happen :-)
I guess nothing is stable, ever. I do believe that for the short term, capitalism has provided the highest stand of living so far on Earth.
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Sadam was in costant violation of over a dozen UN ceasefire agreements he signed on to in 1991. He was given warning after warning. He was paying palestinian suicide bombers on top of all that. We are responsible for none of it
That what the military is for....to kill people and break things until the bad guys say Uncle.
you remove all possibility of their
Bullshit. they had no rights and freedoms to begin with........of their own 6th centruy choosing.
you set up corrupt government.
That have had numberous elections and we patrolled the voting areas so they could have safe passage. Our boys walk the streets as targets, giving up their lives so Muslims can have a chance at real freedom.
It's the culture of hate and corruption they sdeem to like for so long. they have a chance to respect one another and have a real democracy, and what do they do...............for 4 years they refuse to imposoe a draft, and they take the whole month of August 2007 off on vacation. I don't think they are ready for self governance. I think we should do what Britain did in India, to help pull them kicking and screaming into modernity, like normal adults the world over. If Canada could do it, so can Iraqi.
Pleeeeeeeeeeease. I'm not gonna type for 5 minutes every time you though out lier lier pants on fire
I dunno, maybe it was that note stuck to the Dutch guy's chest with a 8 inch knife? Maybe it was the video of Daniel Pearl gurgleing while they slowly cut his head off with a small knife? Maybe is was the pictures of the 200 dead elementary school kids in Uzbekistan. Maybe it was the thuds of the New Yorkers hitting the ground after deciding that was better than being burned alive on the 85th floor. Maybe it was hearing the phone call about the Muslims on the jet who had just slit the throat of a flight attendant. I guess I'm just stupid.
I really don't care much what the Iraqis believe or want.
So Greg, do you prefer Slide Valve Engines, Piston Valve Engines, Diesel Mechanical, Diesel Electrics, or Electrics?
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If you can't muster the will power to not reply, you should add me to your Block Sender list. It's not as complicated as Creating Message Rules.
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You must have lost track of the thread. Go back and look who was posting what.
Which doesn't account for the declining rate in the US over the past decade.
Don't work so hard to cloak your racisim with PC jibberish.
I haven't been able to find it but, a few years ago I read a paper which looked at how the numbers are gathered. The US pretty much counts ALL infant deaths regardless of cause. Other countries weed out some causes.
Yes but, there are some Canandian's and Kiwi's that apply the data with willful disregard for good sense.
I've made it before.
Why not?
And I shouldn't have had all that Guinness ... but, I did.
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Paul Newhouse
All the evidence seems to point the other way, if the recent convictions of US marines for rape and murder are anything to judge by. Those particular Americans didn't try very hard to avoid killing unarmed civilians. And it appears that Blackwater - another group of Americans who didn't try very hard to avoid killing unarmed civilians - and the other mercenary organisations are going to lose their immunity from prosecution, too.
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I wonder why fuckwit trolls like this one hate their fellow American citizens so much?
How else to explain their insistence on sending their own off to a another country, to be slaughtered like cattle?
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No, I'm for a Richardson-Obama ticket; or Obama-Richardson, either way. Just get rid of the sniveling coward prexy and NeoCon nutjob veep and the rest of the chickenhawk bastards that have led us into ruin and let Bin Laden escape while they were at it. (On purpose?)
By the way, what did YOU do in the war, Whine?
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Steve Caple
Only if you have a map centered on the USa and everything else diminished to 5% of the World's surface.
Note "Americans in Lebanon".
Note "In African"
Note the location of the U.S.S. Cole, interfering in other nation's politics.
Any particular cruise ship?
Any particular European airport?
Ever thought about the US interference on ME/Muslim nations at that point in time???
I think you might be muddling your metaphors and nations at that point - It's the US and Israel refusing to recognise Palestine and the Palestine people, while invading and occupying considerable portions of their land.
Why would any nation lift a finger to stop them? Which ME nation actually had the ability and the knowledge of their actions to stop them?
Saudi Arabia perhaps, but you attacked Iraq, which obviously had no part.
Let's see, you interfered in Iran in 1952, Egypt in 1956, ... Perhaps 50 years would be reasonable?
Afghanistan and Iraq, you're threatening to do more in N.Korea and in Iran. Previously 2 million in Vietnam. What's your current score, 3 million? 4 million? more?
By your own figures you slaughtered 2 million Vietnamese, for the crimes of wanting a unified country without foreign intervention.
Sure, now you've set it in concrete.
What sources of figures do we have? - the US is in control and apparently keeps no figures. Various civil rights groups estimate the death toll in Iraq since the US began their invasion at "over 1 million". As you don't bother to keep any tally that's the figure we have to go with.
Old age begins at 5 years old. You can pout and bluster all you like, we know the population before you interfered, the current population and the projected population. Whether the difference is _one_ or one million or two million the US took control so the responsibility for the slaughter of one or one million or two million is all yours. Imagine if the US airforce bombed (a) US city and killed one or one million or two million people ... are you suggesting one yank is worth more than one Iraqi???
You had to kill a million Iraqis because you imagined the French were making a profit??? What sort of fuckwitted logic is that???
So that's your justification for invading Iraq, raping innocent Iraqi women, geting caught carting off half the goods in Iraq and setting fire to hundreds of oil wells?
Those might well be selective numbers! (ie, you made them up. AKA lies)
Your factories would have had no international customers - you wouldn't have been able to buy anything offshore without international trade - that includes oil.
Well actually, the Austro-Hungarian Empire reacted to foreign actions which started WWI. (Serbo-Croatia) As was the norm in those days Austro-Hungary had defence treaties with various countries, in particular Germany which was thereby forced into the War. Might I mention that the USa has "defence" treaties" with various countries and groups of countries and could in the same way find itself embroiled in someone else's wars. Check out NATO as an example.
"Germany" as a nation didn't exist until 1871. You really should research your prejudices before you start projecting them. In 1870 what is now the United States of Germany consisted of 245 seperate states.
The US was taking military action against Japan, to wit a blockade of Japan's essential survival supplies.
Can you point out to me where Saddam was threatening the USa? Was he cutting off your oil or rubber or some other essential raw material?
You gave him a "Catch 22" ultimatum - prove he had destroyed the non-existant WMDs and be invaded by his neighbours through proving that Iraq was defenseless, or be invaded by the US. He didn't have any options.
There were a very limited number of supply points - yes, you had those blockaded.
At what point were _you_ trading rubber and oil with Japan? No, the issue is not whether or not you should trade with Japan, but whether or not you should cut them off from the raw materials they needed. You traded with then from 1932 until 1941 while they were committing atrosities in China and Manchuria, like wholesale rape, pillaging, forcing women to become military protitutes, throwing babies in the air and catching them on their bayonets, etc. Why in 1941 did you suddenly notice those attroicities???
If you're going to parrot yank propaganda, at least think through the implications of the crap you're parroting.
How does one prove that something that stupid _didn't occur? Do you happen to have accurate statistics for the rampant cannibalisim currently occuring in the US? ;-)
You don't face any such thing. The threats are the ongoing US interferance in the ME and the US threat of World nuclear anialation, not to mention the Israeli threat of ME anialation.
I cheered, what's your problem? 3000 vs 3 million is excellent odds!
Of course. Have you given back all the property you destroyed in the South in your Civil War? Have you paid Frank Whittle for the use of his jet engine? Have you paid Britain for the use of their Radar invention? Have you paid Britain for the development of the atomic bomb and nuclear power?
You could bring my dead relatives back to life. We paid you for the armaments you supplied, as did Germany and Japan.
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Greg Procter
I'm waiting to see how far he goes and if he reveals any new prejudices. I have the uncomfortable feeling that many yanks believe the tripe he's typing.
Perhaps I'm misguided in believing (some) yanks believe this crap, but they are actively punishing assorted countries (Cuba, Afghanistan, Iraq. Iran) so some of them believe their propaganda. Personally, I've got a few hours a day when I'm unfit even for modelling and Wayne deserves to be punished for that. ;-)
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Greg Procter

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