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These groups are the best place for discussions about basic metalworking processes such as machining, welding, casting, blacksmithing and other aspects of working with metals.

⏣ General Metalworking

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Chainsaws !

by Terry Coombs
I have exactly one chainsaw that I actually paid money for , and it's the one that gives me the most trouble ... most recently it's been wanting to wander in the cut and bind . Turns out Randy ... read more »

⚡ Welding Forums

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Ford 9" axle

by Terry Coombs
OK , here's what I have : A good friend runs a car resto business , and he's working on a Ford T I think it is . Single transverse spring , ladder bars , and aftermarket bracketry welded to ... read more »

⏣ Metalworking Craft

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by copernic1976
I have a problem on my digital KND CNC lathe K1000Ti -A, who displays an alarme over- travell I tried to ignore this alarm at startup with CAN / EOB but no result is given. the registered ... read more »

⚒ Blacksmithing - wrought iron and steel discussions

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Gotta give a head's up to this gal...

by Bert Olton
...for one of the most cool web site home pages. There ought to be music going for the scene...and, the Gal is a terrific artist. http://www.slmetalworks.com/index.html Best regards, Bert -- M... read more »

Metallurgy discussions

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metal powder

by avrilwork857
We provide all kinds of metal powders which can be used in metallurgy,new materials,hard alloy,etc.if you are interested ,please contact me at avrilwork857@Gmail.com Here is our website :http://www.c... read more »

Engineering and Science

These forums contain more advanced engineering and science topics, including physics and chemistry.

⏚ Electrical Engineering

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Grounding at service entrance

by J.B. Wood
Hello, all. As an EE what should be a simple electrical circuit/networks question has me puzzled as to the rationale, and I can't find it online or in any textbooks. Assume we are discussing a ... read more »

⚙ Stationary Engines - UK

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Scammell fire pump

by David Platt
can any one help with information on a Scammell 4 cylinder, side valve petrol fire pump. Engine identification no. S470739 2 V. Told could be marine or world war fire pump. [IMG]http://www.polytech... read more »

⚗ Material Sciences

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Application Of Refractories In Different Parts Of Glass Furn...

by SunriseRefractory
Refractories are the main building materials for glass furnaces. It has a d ecisive impact on the quality of glass, energy consumption and the cost. Th e development of glass melting technology mai... read more »

⚙ Mechanical Engineering

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minutes job = $1000

by Hassan Ahmed
I've come accross this website the other day. Apparently you have to do a job for them which takes less than 10 minutes to complete and you get a $15 payment via paypal. Anyone tried it? It looks l... read more »

⚗ Polymers Forum

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How to remove cement from plastic

by SB
Please how do I remove cement from plastic windows read more »

Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing

Discussions about CAD/CAM, CNC, 3D modelling and other computer technologies used in design and manufacturing.

General Robotics Forum

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Automatic Guided Vehicle Design

by subhash sukumaran
I have to build an AGV (Automatic guided Vehicle) with speed of 60 meter pe r minute pulling 100kg. Planning to use DC motor in closed loop.Which micr o controller I should use? (Arduino, Raspberr... read more »

⧑ Industrial Control Group

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Got SHITmadzu in your lab?

by Anonymous
Working with a group in another lab who are using Shimadzu HPLC... what a freaking nightmare! Equipment doesn't work and Shimadzu service doesn't work either.... constantly down or broken! Reminde... read more »

⋐⋒⋐ Computer Numeric Control

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How to input the machine setup data (MSD) information on a G...

by Dan
I have a GE 1050 control on a Strippit turret press and the machine setup data has been lost due to dead batteries. Can anyone tell me how to input that information? I have the information in the m... read more »

Solidworks CAD Design software

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Foam laser cutting machine

by geng casper
This is our EVA Foam laser cutting machine cutting show, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuKckWA-K7NXqtdwTxc3QSQccns2jbB65 Regards Casper read more »

AutoCAD discussions

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Hadoop online training in india

by Enrollmy Training.com
Hadoop online training in INDIA Enrollmytraining provides Hadoop Online Training with real time practical c lasses. All our students were happy and able to find Jobs quickly in USA, U K, Singapore... read more »

PRO/Engineer (Creo) discussions

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in order for work need the speed info

by r tar black man
like the way to form it the icon for positive motion to be resolved in air read more »

Model Engineering

Application of engineering and manufacturing technologies to creating scale models and small machines and mechanisms. Various hobbies that require the use of machining, casting and other processes also used in manufacturing, are discussed here.

⚙ Model Engineering in the UK

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Using a surface grinder to sharpen planer blades

by no_spam
I need to sharpen my HSS planer blades and was wondering whether this was a task for the ancient unloved surface grinder that's languishing in the corner of the workshop, or whether I should make... read more »

Model Railroad Forum

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Has this group died?

by Robert Heller
There have been very few posts to this newsgroup in recent times. Where do Model Railroaders hang out on line these days? -- Robert Heller -- 978-544-6933 Deepwoods Software ... read more »

Scale modeling discussions

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ARM: Review - Trumpeter 1/35 scale T-10M Soviet Heavy Tank

by AMPSOne
Kit Review: Trumpeter 1/35 scale Kit No. 05546; Soviet T-10M Heavy Tank; 63 1 parts (371 in grey styrene, 180 in brown styrene, 78 etched brass, 2 twis ted copper wire); retail price US$74.99 Adva... read more »

Model railroading in the UK

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Emergency N Gauge layout

by gareth
I needed to get the N Gauge stuff out of the loft where it had been abandoned 35 years ago, to put together an emergency layout. Not wishing to faff about with trestles, from B&Q you can get a in... read more »

✈ RC aircraft models

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Can not get RC signal at QGroundControl

by momone3131
Hello I have a three px4fmu v1 ( let's call 1,2,3,) and pixhawk. Before trying 'Mission planner', fmu boards with IO board can get rc siganl with ppm sume reciever and lemon rx dsm2. Also pixhaw... read more »

Model rockets forum

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rec.models.rockets FAQ Part 02 - Names and Addresses

by rmrfaq
Archive-name: model-rockets/addresses Rec-models-rockets-archive-name: rockets-faq/part02 Posting-Frequency: weekly Last-modified: 2002 May 14 URL: http://www.ninfinger.org/~sven/rockets/rmrfaq.t... read more »

⚃ Lego Mindstorms Discussions

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LEGO 3D Milling Machine

by passerby
Saw this in another group, could not resist re-posting here: http://youtu.be/oF0pMILT7_Y NXT-based. Given that it's Easter today, can't resist the temptation to compare it to the Eggbot - similar des... read more »

⚃ Using Lego and compatible building blocks

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name for plastic bricks with square studs to connect them to...

by Judy
the bricks look like legos only have 2 square studs on top to hook them together bricks are white and windows and doors are red plastic like legos have small numbers on them on the insde top o... read more »

International Engineering (BETA)

We provide access to several professional and hobby engineering newsgroups in languages other than English. Due to heavy use of technical and scientific terms, these discussions are relatively easy to translate to the language of your choice. Please note: support of groups in languages other than English is still in BETA. Some features, such as post and reply, are not currently working in the international forums.

⏚ Electrical Engineering (German)

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2-Leiter-Schuko, Schuko bei Notebook-Netzteil

by Andreas Karrer
Als Schweizer ist man gewohnt, dass der freundliche Chinese oder auch hat, um das Kabel Schweiz-tauglich zu machen. manchmal so aus: http://www.karrer.net/tmp/schuko.jpg Leiterquerschnitte eher... read more »

⚙ General Engineering Forum (German)

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by Axel Berger
wirklich gut und kompetent Hohlraumversiegelungen und Endoskopuntersuchungen anbot. In der Zeit danach fuhr ich entweder lohnte. Jetzt habe ich seit November einen Neuwagen und gerade herrscht ... read more »

⏚ Electrical Engineering (French)

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[Charte] fr.sci.electrotechnique

by L'equipe fr-chartes
Archive-Name: fr/chartes/sci.electrotechnique Bonjour, 28 novembre 1999. =============== CHARTE DU FORUM =============== NOM DU GROUPE : fr.sci.electrotechnique OBJET : leur place dans ... read more »

RC and scale modeling (German)

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by Patrick Kuban
Und schon wieder hat ein alter Sack Geburtstag gehabt. servus, Patrick read more »

RC and scale modeling (French)

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[Conseils d'utilisation] fr.rec.modelisme

Archive-Name: fr/chartes/rec.modelisme ======================================================================= = Conseils d'utilisation du forum fr.rec.modelisme = ==========... read more »

RC and scale modeling (Italian)

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[MANIFESTO] it.hobby.modellismo

by Gruppo Coordinamento NEWS-IT
In fondo a questo articolo, inviato automaticamente ogni mese, troverai il manifesto di questo newsgroup (it.hobby.modellismo). . Tieni presente che esistono anche questi newsgroup it.test ... read more »

RC and scale modeling (Polish)

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Admiral Scheer

by Tata
Sklejam kartonowy model Admiral Scheer w skali 1:400. Na arkuszu jest MJ read more »