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These groups are the best place for discussions about basic metalworking processes such as machining, welding, casting, blacksmithing and other aspects of working with metals.

⏣ General Metalworking

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Re: Rather fascinating...Gun Control Map

by Ed Huntress
On Fri, 21 Nov 2014 13:07:21 -0800, Gunner Asch No, it seems as though you should still stay awar from polls, until you begin to understand them. That's a self-selected Internet poll. The only wa... read more »

⚡ Welding Forums

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good rough-and-ready measure of fillet size

by Richard Smith
Hello all I'm doing some work - Factory Production Control systems for steel fabricators. If the welders can readily measure their fillet size, they can - calibrate their judgement and keep just ... read more »

⏣ Metalworking Craft

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Is this aluminum?

by John Doe
https://www.flickr.com/photos/27532210@N04/ The wheel. You should be able to zoom in. Notice it has a chip in what otherwise looks like aluminum. Do they bake the outer surface somehow to make ... read more »

⚒ Blacksmithing - wrought iron and steel discussions

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countertop aluminum foundry

by Neon John
Hi guys, Long time lurker, very infrequent poster. Let me introduce myself. I'm John DeArmond, Chief Engineer for http://www.fluxeon.com, a company that manufactures low cost induction heaters... read more »

Metallurgy discussions

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Why Vacuum Levitation Melting furnace is perfect to advanced...

by Hannah
Vacuum Levitation Melting furnace adopts advanced melting, refining and alloying technology, the molten metal bath is levitated in water cooled copper crucible during melting under vacuum or inert at... read more »

Engineering and Science

These forums contain more advanced engineering and science topics, including physics and chemistry.

⏚ Electrical Engineering

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Current mirror

by Patrick Chung
Current mirror is inevitable part of input stage of operational amplifiers. Current mirror behaves almost as perfect current source in small current signals application and it has excellent character... read more »

⚙ Stationary Engines - UK

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⚗ Material Sciences

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How to cure diluted PDMS with solvent

by thestargaze
Hi, I am doing some work with adding on a thin layer of PDMS that is diluted with a solvent (DCM, THF, 1,4-Dioxane) on a silicon wafer by spin-coating or drop coating. My problem is that I have notic... read more »

⚙ Mechanical Engineering

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Invitation - ACORE's Renewable Energy LatAm & Caribbean Conf...

by Clarke Energy
Dear Colleague... Every year I reach out to invite you to a premier finance and development event sponsored by the American Council on Renewable Energy, ACORE. This year's event is the Renewable... read more »

⚗ Polymers Forum

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heat set adhesives

by matthew
Is there an adhesive (say a silicon heat set type) that is liquid out of the container at room temperature, but will air try to at least tackiness in a few minutes, or dry altogether, then set when h... read more »

Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing

Discussions about CAD/CAM, CNC, 3D modelling and other computer technologies used in design and manufacturing.

General Robotics Forum

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self replicating machines

by Bernhard Kuemel
Hi crm! Although I'm not sure how much sense it makes and how useful it might be, I find space colonization cool. I think, rather than building space ships and sending humans to space to build spa... read more »

⧑ Industrial Control Group

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Modelling a motor for pid control

by Oluwokay Victor Johns
Hi All, I'm new to the group, so please be kind :) I was reading Tim Wescott's article on PID without a PhD and it was very us eful although it raised more questions in my mind. I then went over ... read more »

⋐⋒⋐ Computer Numeric Control

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OT - Israel, the left and the right.

by RogerN
Here is a video of a guy waving an ISIS flag then an Israeli flag on a college campus. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOHJ06bsSow And here's a video of Ted Cruz being booed because he stands with... read more »

Solidworks CAD Design software

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lasercutting service summer discounts

by Cherry Laser
hello all, I thought this can be of interest to some folks in this group: Cherrylaser, a downtownLA-based laser cutting service, is offering summer discounts until end of August 2014: 15% off on a... read more »

AutoCAD discussions

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Shape To Dxf file converter.

by Owen Ransen
ShapeToDxf (US$49.99) is a program which takes ESRI shape files and convert s them into AutoCAD DXF files. The program is very easy to use, just drag t he .SHP file into the main window (or open it... read more »

PRO/Engineer (Creo) discussions

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Not able to open the editor for curve inPro/E

by bibhax
Hello All, I'm not able to open the editor after selecting the type of co-ordinate system in curve option. Are there any option need to active ?? read more »

Model Engineering

Application of engineering and manufacturing technologies to creating scale models and small machines and mechanisms. Various hobbies that require the use of machining, casting and other processes also used in manufacturing, are discussed here.

⚙ Model Engineering in the UK

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Tapping machine?

by gareth
I've never had my hands on one of these, so how does it work out when to go backwards to break the chip? Also, are they senstive enough for 10BA and smaller? The book, Steam Trains in your Garden ... read more »

Model Railroad Forum

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Deepwoods Software anounces the release of Version 2.1.34 of...

by Robert Heller
Deepwoods Software is pleased to announce the release of version 2.1.34 of the Model Railroad System. This package includes a collection of libraries and programs designed to help the modeler with... read more »

Scale modeling discussions

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ARM: Review - Trumpeter 1/35 scale Soviet JS-7 Heavy Tank

by AMPSOne
Kit Review: Trumpeter 1/35 scale Kit No. 5586; Soviet JS-7 Heavy Tank; 401 parts (286 in grey styrene, 84 in brown styrene, 16 etched brass, 14 clear styrene, 1 length of twisted copper wire; ret... read more »

Model railroading in the UK

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Has RMWEB 'folded'?

by bad-day
For the last four or five days its been http://www.rmweb.co.uk/ ++++++++++++++++ Error 413 Request Entity Too Large Request Entity Too Large Guru Meditation: XID: 34394269 ________ Has it fold... read more »

✈ RC aircraft models

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Where are tracks?

by clesovsky
I live in Southern California in the USA. Where are the nearest tracks? read more »

Model rockets forum

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rec.models.rockets FAQ Part 02 - Names and Addresses

by rmrfaq
Archive-name: model-rockets/addresses Rec-models-rockets-archive-name: rockets-faq/part02 Posting-Frequency: weekly Last-modified: 2002 May 14 URL: http://www.ninfinger.org/~sven/rockets/rmrfaq.t... read more »

⚃ Lego Mindstorms Discussions

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LEGO 3D Milling Machine

by passerby
Saw this in another group, could not resist re-posting here: http://youtu.be/oF0pMILT7_Y NXT-based. Given that it's Easter today, can't resist the temptation to compare it to the Eggbot - similar des... read more »

⚃ Using Lego and compatible building blocks

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custom Promotional 9 Inch EveryDay Wall Clock Canada

by adneyrge
Creating a lasting impression is easy with the 9 Inch EveryDay Wall Clock. Its varied uses like keeping time and designed with quality features of lar ge digits, metal hands, plastic shell frame, ... read more »

International Engineering (BETA)

We provide access to several professional and hobby engineering newsgroups in languages other than English. Due to heavy use of technical and scientific terms, these discussions are relatively easy to translate to the language of your choice. Please note: support of groups in languages other than English is still in BETA. Some features, such as post and reply, are not currently working in the international forums.

⏚ Electrical Engineering (German)

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OT - Test

by Helmut Wuensch
Hallo, ich habe eine Bitte an Euch: Bei meinem Browser geht die Seite https://www.geothermie-unterhaching.de/cms/geothermie/web.nsf/id/pa_daten_fakten.html (mit und ohne [http]'s') nicht. Da ste... read more »

⚙ General Engineering Forum (German)

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S: Heizleiter wie Heckscheibe?

by Reinhard Weltzer
Hallo zusammen, Zum Beispiel so, wie eine el. beheizte Heckscheibe. Das ist m.W. aufgedruckt. ITO scheidet aus: In manchen Bereichen muss das Glas unbeschichtet bleiben. Die Heizung muss um die... read more »

⏚ Electrical Engineering (French)

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[Charte] fr.sci.electrotechnique

by L'equipe fr-chartes
Archive-Name: fr/chartes/sci.electrotechnique Bonjour, 28 novembre 1999. =============== CHARTE DU FORUM =============== NOM DU GROUPE : fr.sci.electrotechnique OBJET : leur place dans ... read more »

RC and scale modeling (German)

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Wer isn noch do?

by Rainer Wahl
Ja wo sind sie denn? dann auch keine (neuen) Leute mehr den Weg hierher finden. Die News enden offensichtlich wieder so, wie sie damals anfingen - wird nur noch in Unis und Fachhochschulen genutzt... read more »

RC and scale modeling (French)

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[Aéro] TraCFoil version 4.11

by JC_Et
Bonjour, http://tracfoil.com/tracfoil/index.php?page=fr -- JC E. read more »

RC and scale modeling (Italian)

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[MANIFESTO] it.hobby.modellismo

by Gruppo Coordinamento NEWS-IT
In fondo a questo articolo, inviato automaticamente ogni mese, troverai il manifesto di questo newsgroup (it.hobby.modellismo). . Tieni presente che esistono anche questi newsgroup it.test ... read more »

RC and scale modeling (Polish)

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HB king aluminiowa głowica - jak rozebrać

by AlexY
http://www.buzzflyer.co.uk/uploads/images_products/334.jpg -- AlexY http://faq.enter.net.pl/simple-polish.html http://www.pg.gda.pl/~agatek/netq.html read more »