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Ford 9N ignition question.

author: etpm posted 04-24-2017

Years ago my neighbor and I bought a 9N tractor together. we used the tractor for many years and then for various reasons we parked it for several years. Deciding to use it again I wasn't able to g... read more »

tig welder

author: Hul Tytus posted 03-27-2017

tig high freq Does anyone here know what the frequency & initial voltage is of the high freq ac used in TIG welders? Google's offerings seem to favor client's advertising and how to weld docu... read more »

Table of RPM for drill size

author: news16 posted 03-23-2016

Is there a url around of a nice table of rpm for each drill size for the various material. Each time I need to use the vertical drill I figure it out, but it would be handy to final attack such ... read more »

Advice for novice

author: giovannigozio1974 posted 11-24-2016

Hi to all, I'm asking for advice in order to start working on metals. Any idea will be much appreciated, from necessary tools to equipment etc etc. Regards read more »

Very clever machinist, Keith Fenner.

author: Jim Barber posted 12-11-2016

Neglect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExIpXTRRUvs Resurrection The refurbishment of the Wood chop saw, seen in Neglect... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKmwi2QR3Ug Resurrection Part 2 https... read more »

Engineering and Science

What is going on here (electrically)?

author: Michael Moroney posted 04-24-2017

In Philadelphia, the electrical distribution system has many configurations similar to these: https://goo.gl/maps/CFTdNYGoY9F2 https://goo.gl/maps/v9BmSQwtUWF2 Two transformer cans on a pole. No... read more »

Scientists decipher the nanoscale architecture of a beetle's shell

author: JEMM posted 02-23-2017

A professor of mechanical and materials engineering has found a way to analyze the fibrous nanostructure of a beetle's lightweight but durable shell. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/0... read more »

problem with ADINA-T module

author: staramsiejakmogeale posted 09-16-2016

I would like to modell some problem using ADINA-Thermal. Unfortunatelly gov erning equation of heat conduction is Poisson's equation while I would like to solve Kirchhoff-Fourier equation (Poisson... read more »

Re: Starlite flameproof plastic?

author: Renee Keller posted 03-23-2017

Try this website I found, you don't have to read all of it but just scan it for key points and make sure to read the last paragraph Here's the link: What happened to `starlite', a material with se... read more »

Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing

keypoint matching

author: rnsweta posted 04-17-2017

Hi, I have been asked to do familiar scene recognition with sift keypoint match ing and homography. I have adapte dthe sift_mosaic.m code from vlfeat libra ry. My results show many inliers which ... read more »

New Video: Implementing the PID Controller in Software

author: Tim Wescott posted 09-08-2016

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVqJ7uRGwoA -- Tim Wescott Control systems, embedded software and circuit design I'm looking for work! See my website if you're interested http://www.wescottdes... read more »

World Mach

author: yusuf posted 04-25-2017

Dear friends, Please check our websites and say your thinks. Thank you so much. https://www.worldmach.com Regards read more »

Senior Mechanical Designer/Drafter (SolidWorks) @ Zo diac Pool Systems ? (San Diego) Vista, California

author: Michael Galvin posted 03-23-2017

Senior Mechanical Designer/Drafter (SolidWorks) @ Zodiac Pool Systems ? ?? (San Diego) Vista, California Zodiac isn't just a pool supply manufacturer - we focus on Smart Pool Produ cts, from ph... read more »

Creating a viewport in modelspace?

author: wiersma1978 posted 06-29-2016

Dear Reader, I need some help using Autocad. I'm currently working on a drawing that has multiple views of one floor; construction view, mechanical view, electrical view, and so on... I got these v... read more »

super-affordable HDMI video clip conferencing devices by VU Telepresence

author: hdmisplitter posted 11-03-2015

Just put, this extenders undoubtedly are a fantasy are available legitimate delivering needing improved, much more cost-effective, much more versatile AV setups. Utilizing high-quality, low-cost CAT5... read more »

Model Engineering

Shipping Mill from the USA

author: chris cain posted 04-10-2017

Hi, I am thinking of buying a Tormach pcnc 770 mill, does anyone have any i dea of shipping costs/time and if anyone has done something similar a rec o f a shipping agent. Going for the Tormach in... read more »

Gilbert AF S-Scale Knuckle Coupler

author: J.B. Wood posted 03-28-2017

Hello, all. The spring-loaded plastic part on the subject recently broke off rendering the coupler non-functional. The coupler and bogie appear to be a single unit that is riveted to the bottom... read more »

Decals for Viet Nam era M110

author: Doug posted 02-28-2017

Need one (1) set of correct decals to complete a Viet Nam era M110 (not the A1 or A2 versions), preferably from a domestic (USA) source. Thanks for any recommendations or offers to sell. Doug read more »

Free to a good home: OO gauge layout

author: christopher.tidy posted 09-27-2016

Hi folks, I have an OO gauge model railway layout from the 1970s or '80s to give away er give to an enthusiast than send it to the dump. Unfortunately it has been stored for a long time in the att... read more »

Senile, stupid Booby K.......living on borrowed time.

author: Alan Baker posted 02-08-2017

He's so bitter that the end is coming up......FAST! Maybe he'll croak in his bed tonight. I wonder how his granddaughter is doing? My speculations are pretty... ...disgusting. read more »

rec.models.rockets FAQ Part 02 - Names and Addresses

author: rmrfaq posted 04-17-2017

Archive-name: model-rockets/addresses Rec-models-rockets-archive-name: rockets-faq/part02 Posting-Frequency: weekly Last-modified: 2002 May 14 URL: http://www.ninfinger.org/~sven/rockets/rmrfaq.t... read more »

LEGO 3D Milling Machine

author: passerby posted 03-31-2013

Saw this in another group, could not resist re-posting here: http://youtu.be/oF0pMILT7_Y NXT-based. Given that it's Easter today, can't resist the temptation to compare it to the Eggbot - similar des... read more »

Re: Soap Bubble Machine built from LEGO only!

author: Jacob Sparre Andersen posted 02-23-2017

derjoshder writes: It looks good. :-) Not much support for it yet. :-( Play well, Jacob -- Jacob's LEGO trains: http://lego.sparre-andersen.dk/Transport/Tog/ read more »

International Engineering (BETA)

Stromversorger macht Probleme

author: Stefan posted 04-18-2017

Hallo, Folgende Situation: untergebracht sind. Ein Mieter ist zum Ende letzten Jahres ausgezogen. der neuen Mieter bin ich selber beteiligt. Niederspannung. Der Mieter, der jetzt ausgezogen ist... read more »

Siedendes Wasser im U-Rohr

author: Heiner Veelken posted 03-31-2017

Angenommen, ich pumpe siedendes Wasser nach oben durch ein senkrechtes Rohr. Da der statische Druck abnimmt, wird das Wasser teilweise Frage: Kann der Zustand des Wassers (Druck, Temperatur, etc.) ... read more »

[Charte] fr.sci.electrotechnique

author: L'equipe fr-chartes posted 04-02-2017

Archive-Name: fr/chartes/sci.electrotechnique Bonjour, 28 novembre 1999. =============== CHARTE DU FORUM =============== NOM DU GROUPE : fr.sci.electrotechnique OBJET : leur place dans ... read more »

Vibrationen vermeiden

author: Gregor Szaktilla posted 04-01-2017

Hallo allerseits! Vorweg: Ich halt mich mit Mechatronik-Basteleien bei Laune. Als starke Vibrationen. Nicht ganz aktuelles Filmchen hier: . Ich konnte die Vibrationen zwar stark verringern, indem... read more »

[Conseils d'utilisation] fr.rec.modelisme

author: J.F PION posted 04-02-2017

Archive-Name: fr/chartes/rec.modelisme ======================================================================= = Conseils d'utilisation du forum fr.rec.modelisme = ==========... read more »

[MANIFESTO] it.hobby.modellismo

author: Gruppo Coordinamento NEWS-IT posted 03-28-2017

In fondo a questo articolo, inviato automaticamente ogni mese, troverai il manifesto di questo newsgroup (it.hobby.modellismo). . Tieni presente che esistono anche questi newsgroup it.test ... read more »

Lutowanie twarde -- czym?

author: Piotr Wyderski posted 04-23-2017

Panowie, http://www.dremeleurope.com/pl/pl/dremel%C2%AEversatip-471-ocs-p/ elementy przy lutowaniu? Pozdrawiam, Piotr read more »

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