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Re: My Useless Thoughts and Prayers for the victims of the latest gun massacre

author: Urt's werld posted 02-24-2018

You're a sick, racist, mentally disturbed old heart patient who pimped himself out as a slumlord! But first your heart is spasming again, innit? Better take your nitroglycerin pills, bypass boy, ... read more »


author: Trumaine posted 02-13-2018

I have this same machine on the dc+ it needs to be on Mack sure current control is set on tig if you don?t have remote you read more »

Table of RPM for drill size

author: news16 posted 03-23-2016

Is there a url around of a nice table of rpm for each drill size for the various material. Each time I need to use the vertical drill I figure it out, but it would be handy to final attack such ... read more »


author: claytonjames570 posted 12-25-2017

Hi my name is Jim, Just got a used Aud,Added an inverter and pendant, going to to run the pump strait off 240 with a cap across motor. 30 years since I did any turning lol. Slooo looking forward to... read more »

EN AW-5754 fatigue strength

author: mw158979 posted 06-17-2017

Hello, What is the fatigue strength of 5754 aluminium alloy? Any states. thanks in advance read more »

Engineering and Science

I like this ... that's all

author: Simon Roberts posted 01-19-2018

https://www.dropbox.com/s/njgmhgchxw48jtt/MIS%20three%20switches%20on%20on%20light%20bulb.tif?dl=0 Simon read more »

steam and the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018

author: engines1951 posted 12-03-2017

Next year will be the European Year of Cultural Heritage - and this will be a unique opportunity to promote the industrial heritage. March will be the theme month devoted to energy and prime movers.... read more »

Bluestar Nantong Xingchen Introduced Filament Grade PBT Resin (Starester«FL)

author: superhua posted 07-02-2017

About Us Nantong Xingchen Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd., formerly known as the Nantong Synthetic Material Plant of the China Ministry of Chemical Industry (CMCI), was founded in 1974. It is subordin... read more »

bow-facing oars

author: J Burns posted 02-15-2018

Giovanni da Verrazanno logged that in 1524, he was near Block Island, slowed by heavy seas and unfavorable winds, when 20-man rowed dugouts intercepted him. At first, they kept their distance, ci... read more »

Universal pe,pp zipper profile

author: nick posted 09-05-2017

We are manufacturers of Pe zipper profiles. Recently we are receiving enquiries about developing a universal zipper profile that can be used on both PE AND PP films. One of our competitors has alre... read more »

Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing

Security Robots Most Immune To Robots/ Automatization?

author: kharwadeshubh posted 01-16-2018

Autonomous surveillance devices possessing cameras on wheels and roll aroun d patrolling any specific area assigned are known as security robots. These robots assist the guards in security by aler... read more »

Peter Ponders PID YouTube Channel

author: pnachtwey posted 07-22-2017

https://www.youtube.com/user/pnachtwey The name sounds basic but I am actually targeting control professionals and those with math skills to understand the math behind the control theory. This ch... read more »

test (sorry)

author: Ed Huntress posted 01-21-2018

Sorry for the test. I'm trying to find out why I'm not seeing anything on alt.machines.cnc read more »

deployable door.

author: hassity posted 09-03-2017

Hey guys, I was interested on deployable systems and this time I was trying to make deployable door. The door design have two approaches 1 ) zigzag pattern muira-ori origami approach 2) hand fa... read more »

Ethical Hacking Training | CEH Course in Delhi ? S SDN Technologies

author: Anu. SSDN posted 02-21-2018

EC-Council CEH aka Certified Ethical Hacking training course is the most pr eferred certification program being favored by security experts to equip th e knowledge and technicality of attempting cy... read more »

I tried to Export the assembly from ProE Intralink workspace to Disk. But I got a message showing "An error occured on Import/Export." Do anyone help me to resolve this ?

author: Prabin posted 07-28-2017

Even I check the all dependencies everything looks good. All the sub components are exported with out any error. But Every time when i tried to export the assembly file , I get this message. read more »

Model Engineering

Shower hoses

author: Gareth's Downstairs Computer posted 02-21-2018

1/2 BSP is SBO, and tap / die set supplied by Tracy Tools by return. Unhesitatingly recommend them. read more »

Which Would Be The Major Factors Responsible For Automotive Parcel Delivery Terminal Market Growth?

author: kharwadeshubh posted 01-18-2018

Download FREE PDF @ http://bit.ly/2DuE8bM Automated parcel delivery terminals are the advanced delivery solutions, de ployed in populous areas including shopping malls, railway stations, walkwa ys... read more »

Aircraft, Russian colours

author: Mad Modeller posted 01-07-2018

I have a kit for a Be-12 (for several years now) and whenever I think about starting it the subject of what the external colours might be comes up. S ince this group is a little slow and underman... read more »

Modelling accuracy - a valuable resource

author: Gareth's Downstairs Computer posted 10-22-2017

Just been watching the old BW film, Waterloo Road. What a valuable record of the railways and all their furniture are these old films! read more »

Sbach 30 cc gas Orange, Black, White (73"w.s.)

author: JosephJ711 posted 02-06-2017

Wanted: N.I.B. (arf) Sbach 30 cc ORANGE,Black,white read more »

rec.models.rockets FAQ Part 02 - Names and Addresses

author: rmrfaq posted 01-28-2018

Archive-name: model-rockets/addresses Rec-models-rockets-archive-name: rockets-faq/part02 Posting-Frequency: weekly Last-modified: 2002 May 14 URL: http://www.ninfinger.org/~sven/rockets/rmrfaq.t... read more »

LEGO 3D Milling Machine

author: passerby posted 03-31-2013

Saw this in another group, could not resist re-posting here: http://youtu.be/oF0pMILT7_Y NXT-based. Given that it's Easter today, can't resist the temptation to compare it to the Eggbot - similar des... read more »

Cheap Web Hosting Deals in Australia

author: website hosting posted 02-20-2018

WEB SITE HOSTING.OOO provides a list of the Best & Popular Web Hosting Deal s you can get for best price. It web hosting without compromising quality o r features from a vast number of web hosting ... read more »

International Engineering (BETA)

Was ist los mit der Netzzeit?

author: Dieter Wiedmann posted 02-23-2018

https://www.swissgrid.ch/swissgrid/de/home/experts/topics/frequency.html Wie kams zu der erheblichen Abweichung? read more »

Dampfschl├Ąge nach/downstream Kondensatableiter

author: Heiner Veelken posted 02-16-2018

paralleler Kondensatableiter (Redundanz) abgeleitet. der Kondensatleitung kommt, wenn einer oder beide Kondensatableiter nicht korrekt arbeiten (was auch immer das im Detail bedeuten mag)? -- Gr... read more »

Compteur et disjoncteur

author: G.lpa posted 02-22-2018

par mois ! l'agent ERDF m'a dit qu'il s'agissait d'une panne classique..vieillissement du disjoncteur. Mais voila qu'on m'a mis le nouveau compteur (objet de tous les maux) Ma question est donc... read more »

Jeder in seiner Welt meditierend? DRMM 2018?

author: Ruediger Zoll posted 01-19-2018

Ping ey! Im Mai gibbet wieder ein Retrotreffen bei den Wehrheimern im Taunus. Sowas von gastfreundlichen Modellflugkameraden gibts sonst kaum. Sogar das Thema Retro kann man dehnen wie nen Unterh... read more »

[Conseils d'utilisation] fr.rec.modelisme

author: J.F PION posted 02-02-2018

Archive-Name: fr/chartes/rec.modelisme ======================================================================= = Conseils d'utilisation du forum fr.rec.modelisme = ==========... read more »

[MANIFESTO] it.hobby.modellismo

author: Gruppo Coordinamento NEWS-IT posted 02-21-2018

In fondo a questo articolo, inviato automaticamente ogni mese, troverai il manifesto di questo newsgroup (it.hobby.modellismo). . Tieni presente che esistono anche questi newsgroup it.test ... read more »

Uchwyt samochodowy POLECAM !!

author: wolek0606 posted 12-08-2017

http://allegro.pl/uchwyt-samochodowy-na-telefon-uniwersalny-i7023135266.html read more »

Nowe roboty BM - jak im utrudni─ç ┼╝ycie

author: Marek posted 02-21-2018

https://youtu.be/fUyU3lKzoio https://youtu.be/aFuA50H9uek -- Marek read more »

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