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Sourcing used truck brake drums?

posted on 11-27-2020

Off the wall question, I know, but any recommendations for sourcing used brake drums from trucks. Neighbors have two they are using for flower planters / corner markers and I though Cool, but th... read more »

Cuttin' up

posted on 10-31-2020

I'm all atwitter , my new plasma cutter is supposed to be here early next week . I see all kinds of things in my future that I would not have attempted with the cutting equipment I have now . ... read more »

Re: Anvil Identification

posted on 06-19-2019

Hi there! I am looking for a couple of old Anvils that an idiot cousin sold that were family heirlooms I am uncertain of what make/brand they were, bu t the ancestor who owned then would have stam... read more »

Is this a forum where I can ask questions about steel metallurgy?

posted on 02-01-2019

I am a retired chemist and amateur blacksmith. My actual knowledge of stee l metallurgy is minimal, but I'm now reading up on the subject. I always f ind it useful to ask questions of those who k... read more »

BUY AU GOLD BARS Whatsapp 1 9516389432

posted on 10-24-2020

we sale gold bars..BUY AU GOLD BARS Whatsapp 1 9516389432 hubber.jonas@libertylocalminersltd.com Commodity : Gold Bars Purity : 98 % pure, 23 carats 45000$/kg,we trade on CIF,and FOB Basis,o... read more »

Engineering and Science

Power Factor Correction

posted on 11-19-2020

Hello, everyone and if I may be permitted to revisit my question from a while back for which there was only speculation in the responses: On medium-voltage (say up to 69 kV) distribution lines, ... read more »

Hawker Siddeley / Electric Construction Schematics

posted on 10-17-2020

I don?t know if anyone can point me in the right direction. We have a 1983 Lister ST1 engine with a Electric Construction Limited / Hawker Siddeley generator. The latter needs some TLC and we?re look... read more »

CFM Rating

posted on 08-21-2020

Does anyone know how to locate the CFM rating of Maytag Dryer model MED8630HW? read more »

What is polyethylene foam?

posted on 12-18-2019

Polyethylene foam is a durable, lightweight, resilient, closed-cell materia l. It is often used for packaging fragile goods due to its excellent vibrat ion dampening and insulation properties. It a... read more »

PVC Plastic Film Glue

posted on 09-24-2020

Can I use 30% ethyl acetate & 70% MEK to make glue for PVC Plastic film? read more »

Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing

Could not run SOLIDWORKS 2016 setup get this error

posted on 06-07-2020

New windows 10 installed But could not run setup SOLIDWORKS 2016 same software run other system Unable to run SOLIDWORKS installation manager H:\sldlmsldlm.exe Verify that you have access to... read more »

Coding Robot Strong AI

posted on 04-17-2020

Strong AI is being coded for autonomous humanoid robots by these steps. 1. Code the MainLoop module -- http://ai.neocities.org/MainLoop.html Use either an actual loop with subroutine calls, or make... read more »

recomendations for table top milling setups?

posted on 06-16-2019

thinking of doing some small (and I do mean _small_) milling, to make a set of molds for casting type for hand setting printing (aka Letter Press). Not sure it is a cost effective method of gett... read more »

Help to get started on project (Case trimmer)

posted on 05-20-2020

Hi All I'm new here, but not new to CAD, just very (VERY) rusty I want to create a 3D drawing of a Case Trimmer, Case Length Gauge & Shell Holder I can draw this in 2D without too much effort, b... read more »

Walter Dreiger

posted on 06-06-2020

It has been a while since I partook here, but I had to do this to impart so me sad news. One of this groups former contributors, has sadly passed away. I for one ha ve fond memories of the advice,... read more »

I tried to Export the assembly from ProE Intralink workspace to Disk. But I got a message showing "An error occured on Import/Export." Do anyone help me to resolve this ?

posted on 07-28-2017

Even I check the all dependencies everything looks good. All the sub components are exported with out any error. But Every time when i tried to export the assembly file , I get this message. read more »

Model Engineering

F-8E Crusader French Special 1/48 instructions for Hasegawa

posted on 02-09-2020

My son gave me one but without the instructions... Can someone help? Thanks. read more »

Cesaroni motors

posted on 05-12-2020

Hello, In the Pro75 6g series, 7455M2150-P and Pro75 6G 8429M2020-P. In the Pro75 3G series, 3727L1050-P and Pro75 3G 3683L851-P. we couldn't find detailed technical drawings of their engines and ... read more »

animated train signs

posted on 06-24-2020

I would like to share a site that offer the ability to display animated train arrival and departure signs. https://remotesign.mixmox.com/ In addition to signs that use a Windows PC, the signs can a... read more »

Nitrazepam for sale, Nitrazepam for sale uk - buy nitrazepam online

posted on 06-08-2020

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Proctor Antic Bipe

posted on 06-02-2020

I recently completed a Proctor Antic Bipe. What a beautiful kit to build and fly. Photos here: http://mhmyers.com/antic/antic.html -- m-m www.mhmyers.com read more »

Any recommendations for an edge finder?

posted on 11-06-2020

I've been trying to decide whether to get a wiggler (probably not), a split cylinder type or an electronic type for edge finding. How repeatable are the no-name electronic types that are on eBay ... read more »

Jacob Sparre Andersen has passed away

posted on 12-17-2018

I have been asked to announce to this group that Jacob Sparre Andersen has passed away from stomach cancer on Sunday 16th of December 2018. Jacob was admitted to hospital only a month ago, and des... read more »

Fight the coronavirus 100% and save LOTS of CASH -- Combattez le coronavirus 100% et conomisez BEAUCOUP d'ARGENT

posted on 03-28-2020

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International Engineering (BETA)

Ersatz fr Leuchtstofflampe T5 FQ 80 Watt 880 Skywhi te?

posted on 11-26-2020

Die Leuchtstofflampe T5 FQ 80 Watt 880 Skywhite von Osram wird offenbar nicht mehr hergestellt. Gerald read more »

[MANIFESTO] it.hobby.modellismo

posted on 11-07-2020

In fondo a questo articolo, inviato automaticamente ogni mese, troverai il manifesto di questo newsgroup (it.hobby.modellismo). . Tieni presente che esistono anche questi newsgroup it.test ... read more »

Reparatur Weichplastik-Raupenkette

posted on 10-18-2020

Hallo NG! Noch jemand hier? ;-) Ich habe hier wieder ein ferngesteuertes Modell auf dem Tisch stehen, IIRC aus Mitte/Ende der 1980er Jahre. Leider ist eine gerissen: https://suchanek.de/tem... read more »

Cyfrowy adapter dynamometryczny

posted on 11-21-2020

https://jason.com.pl/adaptery-przejsciowki-i-redukcje/14792-adapter-dynamometryczny-1-4-6-30nm-cyfrowy.html tymczasem mnie pasuje zakres 6-30 Nm. Zastosowanie: warsztat rowerowy, taki read more »

[Conseils d'utilisation] fr.rec.modelisme

posted on 11-02-2020

Archive-Name: fr/chartes/rec.modelisme ======================================= read more »

microcontroleur pour piloter un driver de moteur pas pas

posted on 11-24-2020

Bonjour, mes futures machines industrielles. En partant d'une carte toute simple qui ne fait que piloter le moteur en puissance via des impulsions https://www.omc-stepperonline.com/digital-stepp... read more »

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