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No, Video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Not Filmed Resulting in Positive COVID Test

posted on 01-27-2022

No, This Video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wasn?t Filmed ?D ays Before? Her Positive COVID-19 Test PolitiFact - Jan 18, 2022 -- https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2022/jan/18/tiktok read more »

non-welding question - Cornish beam engines

posted on 12-29-2021

Hi I've posted a question about Cornish beam engines on rec.crafts.metalworking Should that be of interest to anyone... Rich Smith read more »


posted on 03-21-2021

Hi have started to fix a anvil , can't find any marking but a 15 raised on it . can't find out what kind of anvil it is. read more »

What are the Common Processing Methods for Sheet Metal Processing?

posted on 08-19-2021

As a Sheet Metal CNC Bending Processing Supplier, share it with you. The process of using various equipment to change the shape of sheet metal is called sheet metal processing, and the main processes... read more »

Fanuc CNC (F & G) I/O signals

posted on 03-19-2021

Hello everyone Hope all are fine doing well, I am trying to search F and G signals mannu al or list for Fanuc controller but I can't find it on the internet what ca n I find is one information ... read more »

Engineering and Science

Cheap meter to measure EMR from power lines?

posted on 01-01-2022

What would be a decent type meter to measure electro magnetic radiation from power lines? More out of curiosity than fear but my dog and I walk under the 230kv line behind the house every day. The... read more »

Petters A1

posted on 10-20-2021

Picked up a Petters A1 3hp with a serial # of 590670 and need to know some torque specs.Head tork and sequence,con rod,crank gear.Pretty un common eng here in the US,very heavy and beefy cept fer th... read more »

CFM Rating

posted on 08-21-2020

Does anyone know how to locate the CFM rating of Maytag Dryer model MED8630HW? read more »

What is polyethylene foam?

posted on 12-18-2019

Polyethylene foam is a durable, lightweight, resilient, closed-cell materia l. It is often used for packaging fragile goods due to its excellent vibrat ion dampening and insulation properties. It a... read more »

Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing

How to get Model sketch points coords in Drawings?

posted on 09-30-2021

Hi there! Can someone help me how to solve this issue? My macro code: ' Option Explicit Sub main() Dim swApp As SldWorks.SldWorks Dim swModel As SldWorks.ModelDoc2 Dim swDra... read more »

Call for Workshop and Tutorial Proposals: The 13th International Conference on Computational Creativity (ICCC'22)

posted on 01-18-2022

Below you will find the official Call for Workshop and Tutorials Proposals of the next International Conference on Computational Creativity (ICCC? ??22). Thank you and we hope to see you -------... read more »

What Should I Pay Attention to in the Use of a CNC Lathe Machine?

posted on 12-14-2021

The proper use of a CNC lathe machine not only can effectively improve efficiency but also can extend the service life of the machine. So what should I pay attention to in the use of a CNC Lathe Mach... read more »

Help to get started on project (Case trimmer)

posted on 05-20-2020

Hi All I'm new here, but not new to CAD, just very (VERY) rusty I want to create a 3D drawing of a Case Trimmer, Case Length Gauge & Shell Holder I can draw this in 2D without too much effort, b... read more »

Drive Shaft Structural Characteristics

posted on 06-21-2021

Here are the structural characteristics of drive shafts shared by Drive Shaft Suppliers, please feel free to contact us if you need The drive shaft is a high speed, less supported rotating body, so i... read more »

I tried to Export the assembly from ProE Intralink workspace to Disk. But I got a message showing "An error occured on Import/Export." Do anyone help me to resolve this ?

posted on 07-28-2017

Even I check the all dependencies everything looks good. All the sub components are exported with out any error. But Every time when i tried to export the assembly file , I get this message. read more »

Model Engineering

F-8E Crusader French Special 1/48 instructions for Hasegawa

posted on 02-09-2020

My son gave me one but without the instructions... Can someone help? Thanks. read more »

Estes A8 engines thrust curve change?

posted on 02-02-2021

Does anyone know if Estes changed the thrust curve of the A8 engines? A tech doc from the 70's shows only a spike for boost. Today's website shows a spike followed by a flatter sustaining thrust... read more »

anyone know of N-scale templates for beginners?

posted on 01-17-2022

New Train Club & Coffee drinking Society While most of the guys want to make a rail road, I want to make the models. So, trying to figure out scale layouts and the like. Confusing a bit, what el... read more »

Here's an interesting map ...

posted on 09-13-2021

Bristol railways about 1880, from Dr.Day's Bridge Junction to North Somerset Junction. Move the blue slider at the top to see what is there now! rohttps://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/print/#zoom=16&la... read more »

Where'd everybody go?

posted on 12-22-2021

Anyone listening? -- m-m www.mhmyers.com read more »

home and hobby chemicals licensing

posted on 01-26-2022

The UK Government is proposing to limit the concentration of acids and some other chemicals which home users with licenses can possess to the following: Hydrogen Peroxide35% Nitric acid10%... read more »

Jacob Sparre Andersen has passed away

posted on 12-17-2018

I have been asked to announce to this group that Jacob Sparre Andersen has passed away from stomach cancer on Sunday 16th of December 2018. Jacob was admitted to hospital only a month ago, and des... read more »

LEGO 3D Milling Machine

posted on 03-31-2013

Saw this in another group, could not resist re-posting here: http://youtu.be/oF0pMILT7_Y NXT-based. Given that it's Easter today, can't resist the temptation to compare it to the Eggbot - similar des... read more »

International Engineering (BETA)

Nimmt Strom immer den Weg des geringsten Widerstands?

posted on 01-03-2022

Hallo https://www.grund-wissen.de/elektronik/schaltungen/logik-grundschaltungen.html Warum wird in jenem Schema dem Hauptstromkreis bei geschlossenem Weil Strom immer den Weg des geringsten Widers... read more »

[MANIFESTO] it.hobby.modellismo

posted on 01-01-2022

In fondo a questo articolo, inviato automaticamente ogni mese, troverai il manifesto di questo newsgroup (it.hobby.modellismo). . Tieni presente che esistono anche questi newsgroup it.test ... read more »

Alle Jahre wieder

posted on 12-21-2021

Moin Gemeinde ihrer Liebsten, einen stressfreien Jahreswechsel ins hoffentlich problemfreiere Jahr 2022 und vor allem: Genesung. Rainer read more »

W Korei Poudniowej zawali si 39-pitrowy wie owiec [WIDEO]

posted on 01-12-2022

iec [WIDEO] ?y ? https://www.onet.pl/turystyka/onetpodroze/korea-poludniowa-zawalil-sie-wiez owiec-w-kwangdzu-zaginelo-6-osob/9wdvcv2,07640b54 read more »

[Conseils d'utilisation] fr.rec.modelisme

posted on 01-02-2022

Archive-Name: fr/chartes/rec.modelisme ======================================= read more »

noch'ne Frage zu alter Technik (Husqvarna Elektroherd)

posted on 11-22-2021

Mist, ich habe vergessen, ein Foto zu machen. Es geht um einen Herd von Husqvarna in einem schwedischen Ferienhaus, der Kochplatten, Backofen, heizbares Warmhaltefach darunter und daneben noch D... read more »

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