Dumore Drill Sharpner

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Looks like I'm a bit late following up to this. :-)

O.K. Sounds pretty complete. Which two collets are missing, out of curiosity?

And the wheels -- were you able to find the ones which are two different grits in layers? (Coarser grit for the larger bits, the finer grit for the drills down near #70 (the bottom end of the range).)

It is quite serviceable -- based on mine. Of course it only does conventional drill sharpening (at various tip angles), and not what I would like -- "split point".

And -- do you have a copy of the manual?

You can find it here:

formatting link

And a report of mine at:

formatting link

I had to turn a number of collets (I only got the 1/4" one with it) before I lucked into sharing a win on eBay for two almost complete sets. Quite an array in a wooden box given that it covered fractional inch sizes, number sizes (down to #70) and letter sizes (just up to 'E' IIRC).

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

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